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Posted By: Tyke
28-May-07 - 01:29 PM
Thread Name: Bright Phoebus/Watersons/Bulmer
Subject: RE: Bright Phoebus/Watersons/Bulmer
Well I have to admit Diane being Dyslexic it takes me longer to write a reply, I also tend to do it in a programme with a spellchecker. Then when I come to post my reply someone has added another comment. However as I have taken the view that I have been responding to what individuals have already contributed. It has been to them that I have been responding especially when they do not want to receive PM's.

Oh Folkiedave how I pity all those poor students you used to teach who were Dyslexic. Don't you know that we find just using initials difficult naturally you did according to someone, who I will not name, she told me you new everything about everything.

Where doses Royalties portion of the sale of those Albums go? Folkiedave or don't you know the answer. I which case I will personal correct my friend's statement and point this out to her.

Ralphie or is it Ralph you will have to take up my not intentional rude ness to Nic with Bill Gates as its his spellchecker that I am using. But how rude is it to smash up an Artists Album in a record shop? Even if you did pay for it first!

The Musicians Union Blacklist advises artist to contact them before signing any contracts with Dave Bullmer all so on that Blacklist is or was a BBC producer or now Ex BBC Producer. I suspect that there are a lot of people who are not members of PRS. The question is who collects the Royalties due from the retail shop and is responsible for paying the artists who are registered members of PRS and MCPS.

I am trying to be nice here but this is not about Nic Jones or Dick Miles its about lot's of record companies getting Artists to sign contracts which they later regret signing. Other people than Dave Bullmer issued most of these contracts however these people seem to be totally innocent.

Oh Ralphie or Ralph you do seem to answer any questions at all I ask a question and this blue haze of indignation drifts over you. I point out the pointless destruction of smashing up a CD in a London record store and you are so upset. I'm throwing in Red Herrings Tykes mudding the waters yes I heard it all before. I ask questions that you don't want to answer you won't let people send you personal messages because I'll quote a personal message without revelling the author's name "Ferchrissake George. Ralph was a Mudcat member for years. Long before even I was. He
opted out and no longer gets raving loonie PMs from nutters."

You won't talk to Dave Bullmer you won't visit Dave facilities to check on how he is storing these master tapes! Now we find that you think the Mudcat is full of nutters and loonies.

Oh I've got the answer Folkiedave he stuck his head inside the 50 gallon oil drum after pining the directions to the inside of the oil drum with a paper clip so that he would know which side of the Bala he was heading and walked across the Bala.
If only Ralph had been there he could have shown them how to walk on water.