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Posted By: Tyke
28-May-07 - 10:17 AM
Thread Name: Bright Phoebus/Watersons/Bulmer
Subject: RE: Bright Phoebus/Watersons/Bulmer
You morally fell that you should be due something Dick then what about the morality of not having to Pay Martin Carthy anything. When you yourself admit that it is his standing that would be, ok, one of the reasons that this Album Cheating the Tide would be commercially viable.

You have your own record label and you distribute it via the Internet your prices are in euros. Correct me if I am wrong but that means that you are distributing Albums and Tune Books. Worldwide. So you are running a business that is internationally available to all are you not. So you are in competition with Dave Bullmer who is also a record distributor like yourself and has his own record Label.

Naturally you wish to have control over your own work then why did you sign the contract that gave those rights away? However you are not the only musician involved in the two Albums you wish to own the rights of.

I have contributed to a thread called Bright Phoebus/Watersons/Bulmer that started by Folkiedave. I listen to the programme and I heard Dave Bullmer's honest and open contribution to it.

Immediately the next contributor incorrectly quoted the programmes contents. You brought in to the discussion your own differences with Dave Bullmer. Feelings are running high no one wants to say anything that they could be sued for. I doubt if anybody wants to insult anyone's artistic integrity accept for Dave Bullmer that is. Dave Bullmer is making and has made his own commercial decisions about the property that he owns. He is still in business whilst others who have made the wrong or the correct commercial decisions have got out of the folk music industry.

Nick Jones well I sure no one can put into words the loss of his talents have been to Folk Music. The Smashing his Albums in a well know London record store has noting to do with making Nick Jones and his music available has it. I would have thought a positive step to help Nick Jones would be to organize fundraisers for Nick or if he is not in need of the Money. To help all those other people and their cares that suffer from a traumatic brain injury.

I would be personally very proud to have a musician of Martin Carthy's standing think enough about my Musicianship to agree to appear on my Album. I don't think the money aspect of it would be my main concern.

If you are losing patience with me now! That is just a red herring to hide the fact that you were the one to bring up your own personal grips into a thread about Bright Phoebus. You are the one who has made a personal attack on me in your contribution to this thread. You grip about Dave Bullmer not making your work available but in fact it's about owning the rights to your and other peoples work and being able to transfer those rights into different country. If its about making your past work available offer to pay Dave Bullmer up front for a 2000 copies of the two Albums on CD format and see if he will do the deal. Do the Maths it's going to take you twenty years to sell them all. I quote you "I have 3 cds on my website.,Boxing Clever has sold 800 COPIESin 8 years[100 copies a year], If people are still buying things on CD in two years time. Good job Eire is such a dry climate and perfect for the storage of CDs Dick.