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Posted By: Tyke
27-May-07 - 03:21 PM
Thread Name: Bright Phoebus/Watersons/Bulmer
Subject: RE: Bright Phoebus/Watersons/Bulmer
Oh Dick you sound upset Dick! Why? I did such a nice blue clicky link to your website Dick. When everyone gets back from the holidays you should sell out.

Oh I wonder why Dave Bullmer has decided not to sell you the Master tape Dick.
Could it be to do with your less than polite manner and your threats when you can't get your own way Dick?

Oh and Dick this is a Question Mark ? Its use means that it is a question not a statement. The avoidance of answering the question usual means that people has some thing to hide.

So as you produce your own CD's and market them through your own company.

Please answer these questions if you did get to own the Master tape and the right to re- release Cheating the Tide.

Would you produce Cheating the Tide as stated by you CD or produce it on CDR?

If you were where going to produce it on CD what would be the Minimum number of CDs that you would have to order in today's market?

What would be the cost of producing the album Cheating the Tide on CD? (Not including royalties)

What would be the cost of producing the album Cheating the Tide on CDR? (Not including royalties)

How much would the retail selling price be for this re-release?

As an independent record producer / publisher based in a different country how do you view the morality trading copyrights on the world market?

How much of a share of any profits made would go to Martin Carthy as I quote (cut and paste again)
"Tyke,my lp Cheating the tide,has Martin Carthy ,playing the guitar that in itself makes it commercially viable."?

Come on Dick we all want to know.