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Posted By: GUEST,Ralphie
26-May-07 - 05:30 PM
Thread Name: Bright Phoebus/Watersons/Bulmer
Subject: RE: Bright Phoebus/Watersons/Bulmer

You are doing well today.
Cut and paste coming up.

1 "You won't come out and admit that you are wrong about magnetic tape and the earth's magnetic field."

Ok, name one single reel of tape that has ever been damaged by The Earth's Mag Field, and back it up with a little bit of real science.

2. "Now you tell us that you are a poor pensioner and that you haven't got the money to buy the Leader catalogue fro Dave Bulmer."

How patronising. "Poor pensioner" indeed! True I've left work at the BBC, but my pension is not due for another 12 years. (thats 65 minus 12 which makes my age to be 53. Oh and yes, I don't have the money.

3. "You have appointed yourself as a spokes person for every artist under a Leader catalogue."

No, I haven't. as is well known to regular readers here, my allegiance is predominately to Nic Jones and his family.
I was asked to produce the Unearthed Double CD a few years ago, and that was when I discovered the rest of this mess.

But to get back on topic (No not the label)
With the R4 prog re Bright Phoebus, it just seemed a good time to alert casual readers as to what is missing. And maybe to warn potential newcomers that all is not what it it seems in the record business.

4. "But you won't talk to Dave Bullmer!"

First true thing you've said, and, I won't, for all the reasons stated many times before.

5 "Twenty-Five Years ago, which is according to you when Dave bought the catalogue the world, was a different place we had a mining industry and three television channels.

What has that got to with anything? (Herring alert)

6 "We did not have the National Lottery Funding the Arts. You could approach them Ralphie mind you how far you would get when you explain that you won't speak to Dave Bulmer."

I very much doubt that any Arts Council or Lottery organisation would touch Celtic Music knowing their (alleged) track record.

7 "You won't speak to Dave Bulmer because you are frightened of Sharply hasn't he been struck off."

No, I won't. Others more powerful than me have tried and failed. Quite honestly, I just couldn't afford the court cases.

8 "You understand that Dave has done nothing illegal you just want to shout do the deal Dave."

Name one time that I have ever said that Dave did not have legal rights to the whole of the Leader catalogue? Not in dispute, never was, never will be. But, I don't think asking Dave to do a deal on humanitarian grounds is that far out of order.
Mea Culpa If occasionally I might get angry. But, people are losing much needed income because of all this mess.

9 "Ralphie you are worried about the storage conditions of the master tapes. Why not go up to Harrogate and have a look a Dave Bullmer's premises. If Dave Bullmer is sitting on tapes that are worth, according to you, a small fortune do you really think that he would not store them correctly?"

Don't need to. Just a signed / dated / legally binding document stating that the tapes were safe (on some particular date) would do nicely. (One that would hold up in court, and could be verified by an independent expert in the field of tape reclamation).
As for fortunes, well maybe 10 or so titles might sell reasonably well, but I can't see them qeueing round the block for Cecilia Costello or Billy Pigg!!

10 "As for the NOT lost Album Bright Phoebus have a listen again to the programme Mike Watersons did claim to have a copy of the master tape by saying my lips are sealed. Dave Bullmer did speak about the Album on the programme. The Watersons we have been told re recorded some of the tracks and they have been released on another Label."

This has already been answered accurately by Diane. Why the re-record??
Because even Topic records couldn't get an answer out of Dave Bulmer with regards to the original recordings of BP.

11 "Oh and whilst you pontificate about not speaking to Dave Bulmer now or in the past you should be aware that there is a possibility that some the laws on Copy Right are about to change. Perhaps you do know that hence the demands for Dave to do the deal now. You seem to want Dave to dip into his pension fund and reduce its value."

Actually I didn't, but it would explain a lot. Mind you If he hangs on much longer, there won't be many people left who remember any of it!

12 "Trust is a two-way street Ralphie talk to Dave Bulmer."

Trust? Trust? Trust????

Good Grief

Ralph Jordan (Note the no " Kind Regards")