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Posted By: GUEST,Rallphie
23-May-07 - 10:25 AM
Thread Name: Bright Phoebus/Watersons/Bulmer
Subject: RE: Bright Phoebus/Watersons/Bulmer
Thanks for that, I'm not my normal PC.
But will do some digging soon.
What I will say, that having worked with tape for over 3 decades, it's generally quite forgiving stuff.
Obviously store all reels tail out, to avoid print-through,
Climate and humidity are evry important. I once in my naievety, stored some early tapes in a cellar, not too cold, not too hot. Shame about the water leak!!! All ruined, luckily nothing important.
Another good tip, is avoid magnets like the plague, and if you still have a machine to play them on, play them at normal speed in both directions (time consuming I know), but, if you think about it, tape is only iron filings glued to plastic, and the glue deteriorates over time. Fast spooling them could have severe effects.

It is possible to bake them (GENTLY!!) but it's a very long process.

One thing not to do is to place a treasured master reel under an office table leg, to make the table level, and then leave it there for years.

I couldn't possibly comment.

Thanks for the links, will follow them, next time I've got some paint to watch drying LOL!!!

Regards as always