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Posted By: Tyke
21-May-07 - 02:38 PM
Thread Name: Bright Phoebus/Watersons/Bulmer
Subject: RE: Bright Phoebus/Watersons/Bulmer
So Hipflask Andy Jumbo sells your CD's (Duncan McFarlane Band) they pay you out right for them they are not on sale or return then? In doing so they pay you your royalties up front then yes? No I don't think so most if not all of the stock is on sale or return.

What a great gesture from the manager throwing unpaid for stock about or perhaps it was just the empty jewel case.

Having a go at me is pointless the fact's are here Bill Leaders Contract was the one signed. With Bill Leader not with Dave Bullmer!

Now I know that the Duncan Mc Farlane Band only play big gigs like the Abbey Inn. But at least you are out their and although the fee's maybe small especially for the size of your band. You have the opportunity to get your own material noticed and then played on the media that's where the money is. Perhaps some super star like Christy Moore will turn one of your songs into a hit. You write some brilliant songs Duncan it could happen.

So there is just no way you would sign away your rights it would not make any sense at all would it?

However if you were putting up the money to produce someone else's Album you might want to make sure that you were able to at least get you money back. How would you encourage them to get out there and do gigs and sell there own Albums? How would you stop them from going off and making a New Album with someone else using some of the best tracks from the old Album?

So come on Hipflask Andy it's your choice should you stop doing the thing you love or do you become a record producer. You have plenty of friends in Otley who are recording there own albums every other floor singer last time I was there. How many of them are their that are willing to give up their well paid day jobs to go out gigging every night to sell there Albums. Oh and what the professionals do is to go round a week before to not just publicize the tour but to get there music played on the local Radio Stations.

Oh and when you get to the gig make sure you take as long as possible to do your sound check. If you can over run into the start time so the no one else gets a sound check. Then your band as the headliner can cut the supports bands time short and make them sound crap into the bargain. Whilst you can cash into all those lovely royalties just make sure you don't do any traditional music. Hey there is no money in that is there?

Oh and the Merion Centre was opened in the 1960's it has a Cinema that has been closed for more than 30 years. Oh and I distributed Tykes News for no financial reward for well over 20 years. My thing is the love of the music not the petty ridiculous whinge about money and contracts. I'm pretty sure that if one of your songs went platinum the money would not be your biggest reward.

Hope all this crap is keeping the Bright Phoebus sales up Dave.