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Posted By: HipflaskAndy
21-May-07 - 10:14 AM
Thread Name: Bright Phoebus/Watersons/Bulmer
Subject: RE: Bright Phoebus/Watersons/Bulmer
Not Bright Ph - poss thread shift - but very related to much of the above.

A Tale of Two CDs – What the Dickens!

I walked into my favourite Leeds record store, Jumbo Records, last Saturday.
I browsed through the folk section and a shock-horror moment occurred (for me, at least).
I came across two Nic Jones CDs I wasn't expecting to see.
There, amongst copies of 'Penguin Eggs' and 'Game Set & Match,' were two of the 'famous' first four of his catalogue - namely 'Ballads & Songs' and 'Nic Jones'.
The covers had a LARGE logo on the front proclaiming 'Leader' records – similar on the back – very prominent.
Only in the teeny-tiniest of print, on the back, down at the foot of the tray-card was the proclamation 'CM' and an address for said company.

I am very 'aware' of the 'debate' about these re-released recordings and the ethical and moral points constantly raised in public forums and on the folk scene generally.
I have my own point of view on the subject too – mostly formulated from extended conversations with artists effected by the situation (Nic himself, Bob Fox etc)

I took the two album cases to the counter and politely enquired of an assistant if I might be able to have a word with the manager.
He asked if it wasn't something he could deal with and I replied 'No, I'd like to speak to the manager about these two Nic Jones CDs'
He disappeared 'out the back' and reappeared shortly after saying the manager would be with me in a moment.
When the manager eventually came out front, he had a face like thunder before we even spoke!
I can only assume he'd perhaps had someone speak to him re this 'debate' before.
I politely enquired if he was aware of the furore and on-going debate re these and other albums?
That if he wasn't aware – I'd return in the week with a written précis and web addresses where he could get 'up to speed'.
He replied 'Yes' – and 'it's about time someone sorted THIS out!'
He sounded quite agitated!
I then pointed out I had been shopping at Jumbo for years and years - from when it first opened way down on the ground floor of Merrion House (heck – how many, many years back was that? Twenty? ….More?)
I calmly stated that I would not be buying anything further from their store whilst such stock was on their shelves…
At which point he snatched up the two cases from me and threw them – nay, PELTED them, across the shop…..
BANG! Clatter into the wall and floor!
– Simultaneously bellowing 'Well we won't HAVE them then!' and STORMED off away from me without a by-your-leave.
He was practically purple with rage and I was somewhat stunned by his explosion, by his complete fit of pique!
I collected my wits – I was, in fact quite frightened by his outburst - then passed him on my way out saying 'Thank you for your time'.

I can only guess he's had his cage rattled on the subject before – for I can't believe my calm, measured few sentences warranted such an over-the-top reaction.

The customer isn't always right, but perhaps I could have been 'heard' and politely shown the door if not agreed with?

I went over to Borders – bought a lovely CD from their folk section.
Found no 'controversial' stock on display there.
Calm counter staff too!
Probably shop there from now on.

Cheers – HipflaskAndy (that's Duncan McFarlane, George!)