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Posted By: GUEST,dontwannapostmyrealnametonight
18-May-07 - 11:51 PM
Thread Name: Bright Phoebus/Watersons/Bulmer
Subject: RE: Bright Phoebus/Watersons/Bulmer
for what its worth................

I never heard of this LP until
I chanced upon the Radio 4 program last Sat afternoon,
just as I was getting ready to go out;
therefore, could only listen to the first 5 mins or so..

But I was intregued enough to search for a CD.

It was me that bought one off Amazon earlier this week !!!

It was delivered today.

So for the sake of accurate fact & info..

The CD I purchased is NOT a CDR.

It is [99.9999etc% as far as I can be certain] a factory pressed CD

Just thought this objective info should be stated here
for whatever any of you mates what to make of it.



C.M. Distribution,.. etc

[CM Distribution address & phone no etc, printed on CD artwork,
but I guesss it probably best not to reprint it here..
also the CD seller contact info easily found at Amazon,
so I'm also refraining from including that here]

Not had time to listen to it yet,
but sampling the first few bars of each track;
the sound quality seems as adequately "HiFi" enough
as many other obscure 60's & 70's 'collectors' reissues.

It cost approx 15 quid..
about 3 times more than I prefere to normally pay for CD's
off ebay or in High St sales,
but as it is obviously such a limited release,
I thought I'd treat myself to what for me
is a previously unknown folk rock milestone recording.

I can't be drawn into the 'moral' issues regarding this CD
as I was completely unaware of any rancour surrounding it
until I first read this thread a couple days ago
[after I ordered it off Amazon].
Since then I've researched/googled;
and am now more fully aware of this tragic hopeless saga.

Tuesday I tried to listen to this program on play-again,
but was surprised and annoyed to find it had already been replaced
by the Robin Gibb episode "Sing Slowly Sisters"
[btw.. took less than 20 mins to google mp3 download of that entire 'lost' album !!!???]

So, at risk of rockin the boat even further..

did anyone record the "Bright Phoebus" program..

..and any chance of an mp3 of it being uploaded to rapidshare or somewhere..

I suggest the present circumstances would justify it being kept available in the public domain for a short while longer
for any of us who missed it
and are eager to learn more of this despairing 'profit versus folk culture' mess