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Posted By: Naemanson
18-May-07 - 11:34 PM
Thread Name: BS: Obit Jerry Falwell (15 May 2007)
Subject: RE: BS: Obit Jerry Falwell (15 May 2007)
I feel the same way about Falwell as I did about Richard Nixon. I'm sure he thought he was doing the right thing. Unfortunately I also think Falwell's idea of the "right thing" was to make money. He preached the word of Jesus but he did not seem to live it. He carried the Bible but he did not seem to really believe in the words inside, at least, not the New Testament. He used on the words that would promote HIS agenda, not God's.

So, as with Nixon, I am satisfied that he can no longer directly influence modern society. If that makes me a hypocrite, then so be it. I just want to know he is planted and gone.

As for "HIS agenda, not God's" I believe anyone who promotes and pushes for war and killing is NOT following that most simple of commandments, "Thou shalt not kill." How simple can it be? Four words, no subclauses.