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Posted By: Folkiedave
15-May-07 - 11:57 AM
Thread Name: Bright Phoebus/Watersons/Bulmer
Subject: RE: Bright Phoebus/Watersons/Bulmer
Now Folkie Dave has told us where to price up our record collections thanks Dave. Great business move that letting people know in advance how much profit you may make on once you sell their old LP's.

Just in case you missed it click on this link

Tyke - ~I am convinced you are losing it here. I do not operate on GEMM so it does not apply to me. And it is a bit patronising to assume because you were not aware of GEMM that others interested in S/H records weren't either. I only posted it for people to refer to as far as the Bright Phoebus record was concerned.

However for anyone using GEMM to "See how much profit there is in selling their old LP's" as TYKE puts it - here are some guidance notes:

generally speaking the LP's have to be in mint or near mint condition and the covers in very good (or better) condition. If the vinyl has anything other than tiny scratches and not many of those - basically you can forget it, the LP is worthless.

the prices you see on the screen are retail prices and you will be offered between 30% and 40% of those prices when you sell to the dealer.

another way is to sell your old collection via ebay. This has disadvantages which are that you have to post and package the material, you have to make sure the customer pays you, and it takes a modicum of skill and time to write a good advert and take a good picture. The profit margin can be higher but the work you put in is harder.

So there you have it. I never knew you were so interested Tyke.

I wrote similar but far more detailed guide to selling s/h folk books, about a year ago.

But come and see me at Shepley Folk Festival where I have a stall and I can go through everything with you there.

You worked or work for the BBC what do you think of the corporations attitude to "Folk" I don't want you to answer that.

Do us all a favour Tyke. Please don't write any more sentences like that. Speaking for myself I find it confusing, just as I was looking forward to reading Ralph's answer, you change your mind and tell us you don't want to hear it. I am sure - open and honest as he is - Ralph would tell you his opinion.

Sorry for the thread drift.

Do the deal Dave.