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Posted By: GUEST,Ralphie
15-May-07 - 12:14 AM
Thread Name: Bright Phoebus/Watersons/Bulmer
Subject: RE: Bright Phoebus/Watersons/Bulmer
Oh and Mr Clarke.

All this talk about Home Taping is the reddest of herrings.
The record industry long ago gave up the fight to stop individuals copying LPs onto cassette. As any legislation would be completely unenforceable.

In the modern Digital world, it's even weirder..and lawyers are still scratching their heads about it.
After all, copying to cassette always had some audio degradation, but, nowadays, It's not copying, it's cloning. (Digi-wise)

The Herring bit is that the market we are are talking about is so small, and the profit margins so tiny, that your arguement is specious.

It just really saddens me that an artist of the stature of Peter Bellamy was forced to bootleg his own recordings because a few people wanted them, and he was being denied access to the original LPs.
And that Tony Rose had to re record his favourite songs before his untimely death.
And that various artists had to re record Bright Phoebus a year or so ago, just to allow people to hear the brilliance of Mike and Lals writings.
And that the Jones family had to go down the road of releasing, private recordings just to make ends meet.

Do I need to go on? Haven't even mentioned Pat Cooksey yet!!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. This is not about money, it's about decency.

Come on Dave, I know you are reading this.


Regards Ralph Jordan.