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Posted By: Howard Jones
12-May-07 - 12:18 PM
Thread Name: Bright Phoebus/Watersons/Bulmer
Subject: RE: Bright Phoebus/Watersons/Bulmer
Les in Chorlton wrote:

"But realistically most of us who love this kind of music did not buy it first time round and it probably wouldn't sell a lot now."

I disagree, for several reasons:

I didn't buy "Bright Phoebus" first time round - I was a strict traddie (things were more polarised back then). But now I would - my tastes have broadened.

Many of those who did buy it, and other albums on the list, first time round would probably like to replace their knackered vinyl with CDs.

There are a lot of people who weren't around then and never had the chance to buy the originals.

They're never going to go platinum, but I suspect that at least some of the albums would sell well enough to justify the costs of a proper re-release and distribution, including payment for all concerned including the artists and DB. I'm not saying everything would sell - it's a big list - but it includes some real gems. There are some seminal albums in there and there are definitely people out there who want to buy them.

The problem appears to be not that there aren't people willing to release the albums, or people willing to buy them, but that DB doesn't appear to be interested in negotiating a deal.