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Posted By: Howard Jones
12-May-07 - 10:00 AM
Thread Name: Bright Phoebus/Watersons/Bulmer
Subject: RE: Bright Phoebus/Watersons/Bulmer
I think it is regrettable that, so far as I am aware, DB has never responded to the various threads on Mudcat and elsewhere. This is an issue that many people feel strongly about, and no doubt some people have gone over the top in expressing their opinion. But in the absence of a response from DB to explain his point of view, all people can do is speculate. It's not surprising that some of the things that have been said have upset and hurt DB, although it is perhaps surprising that he's surprised, so to speak.

The thing that puzzles me, and clearly many others, is DB's apparent reluctance to exploit the treasure trove he's sitting on, and which he paid good money for. There is clearly a demand for much of the material, in some cases from the musicians themselves.

The biggest cost of an album is the actual recording, and these have all been paid for. Actual production costs are relatively low, and CD's sell for a reasonable price. It seems to me, although admittedly my experience of these things is limited, that it should be commercially worthwhile for at least some of these recordings to be published and distributed on a proper basis.

The question of royalties is a different matter. According to DB, the artists on "Bright Phoebus" aren't entitled to royalties under the terms of the contract (although I got the impression that they were more concerned over the loss of their work than the money). However I suspect that people would be prepared to pay a good price for these CDs in return for an assurance that, whatever the terms of the original contracts, the artists would receive a proper payment - just as people pay more for "Fairtrade" coffee etc.

DB, if you are reading this, please believe that people's frustration with you is "more in sorrow than anger". Many of us believe that there is a solution out there which will benefit everyone, not only , the musicians and the audience but also yourself. All that is needed is a dialogue to open.