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Thread Name: Bright Phoebus/Watersons/Bulmer
Subject: RE: Bright Phoebus/Watersons/Bulmer
Big List, But here you go.
How many of the below are still extant, I know not.
But, read and weep.
Ralph Jordan

LEA 4001 Jack Elliott Jack Elliott of Birtley [With booklet] [Leader - orange label] (1969)
Little chance; Brokken tanner; (Jews' harp); Unlucky duck; Broom's reel; Rakes of Mallow (mouth organ); Lassie would ye lo'e me?; Silent budgie (story); Golden slippers; Poor black Joe (banjo); Blind fool; Man with no watch (story); Harrin's Head; Rap her to bank; Jowl, jowl and Listen; Farewell to the 'Cotia; Rowan tree (mouth organ); Banks of the Dee; Parable of the lost shekels; Irish washerwoman; Father O'Flynn (mouth organ); Old man; On yon bottle bank; Just before the battle mother; My old man; Stanley Market; Paddy McGinty's goat; Highland whisky; De'il among the tailors (mouth organ); Preacher and the atheist (story); In the bar room (Jew's harp).
LER 3002 Archie Fisher; Barbara Dickson; John MacKinnon Fate o' Charlie [Trailer - white test label] (1969)
Cam ye o'er frae France [AF]; Three healths; Wha wadna fight for Charlie [AF]; White cockade [BD]; My bonny Highland laddie [JM]; Highland widow's lament [BD]; Prestonpans; Battle of Prestonpans [AF]; Killicrankie [AF]; O'er the water to Charlie [BD]; Prince Charlie; Highland Harry [BD]; Fate o' Charlie [JM]; Highlander's lament [AF]; O'er the water; Flowers o' the forest [BD].
LEA 2003 Seamus Ennis Seamus Ennis [Masters of Irish Music Series] [Leader - turquoise label] (1969)
Uuillean pipes: Pinch of snuff; Fairie's hornpipe; Gold ring; Fairy straying; Song: False hearted lover; Whistle: Ditherum doodah; Bird's chorus; Uillean pipes: Lark in the morning; Lark's march.
LEA 2004 Martin Byrnes   Martin Byrnes [Masters of Irish Music series] [Reg Hall (piano)] [Leader - turquoise label] (1969)
Duke of Leinster reel; Duke of Leinster's wife reel; Paddy Fahey's jig; Cliffs of Moher jig; Tarbolton reel; Longford Collector reel; Sailor's bonnet reel; Banty Bay hornpipe; Stack of barley hornpipe; Farewell to Ireland reel; Irish Molly reel; Ashplant reel; Liffey Banks reel; Shaskeen reel; Hitler's downfall jig; Battle of Aughrim polka; Humours of Lissadel reel; Blackbird; Rodney's glory; Collier's reel; Bucks of Oranmore reel.
LEA 2005 Seamus Tansey   Seamus Tansey [Masters of Irish Music series] [Seamus Tansey - flute, tin whistle, tambourine; Eddie Corcoran - tin whistle, tambourine; Reg Hall - piano; Paul Gross - piano (1970)
Reels: Jackie Coleman's No 1 / No 2; The Morning Dew; Boys of Laoise; Miss Monaghan; Colonel Frazer / Miss McLeod's; O'Rourke's / The Wild Irishman; The Bloom of Youth / Lord MacDonald's; The Steam Packet / The Limestone Rock; Pigeon on the Gate / The Reel of Mullinavat. Jigs: Tansey's Favourite / The Bride's Favourite; The Maid of St Kisco / Tom Ward's Downfall; Farewell to Gurteen / Kid on the Mountain; The Cliffs of Moher / Paddy Fahy's; The Battering Ram; Corcoran's Fancy. Hornpipes: Birmingham / Leitrim Fancy.
LEA 4006 Billy Pigg Border Minstrel [grey gatefold with integral 8 page booklet] [Leader - turquoise label] (1971)
High Level hornpipe; Biddleston hornpipe; Carrick hornpipe; I'll get wedded in my auld claes hornpipe; Gentle maiden; Lark in the clear air; Father O'Flynn; Skye crofters; Dr McLeod of Alnwick; Swallow's tail reel; Mallorca H.R.H Duke of Windsor]; Madame Bonaparte; Last of the twins; King of the pipers; Crookit bawbee; Bill Charlton's fancy; Exhibition hornpipe; Billy Pigg's hornpipe; Random jig; Wild hills of Wannies; J R Pigg; Dargai; Happy hours; There's nae guid luck about the house (variations); Holey Happenny.
LER 2007 The High Level Ranters The Lads Of Northumbria [High Level Ranters - Alistair Anderson, Tom Gilfllon, Johnny Handle, Colin Ross] [Trailer - white test label] (1969)
Drops of brandy; Foxhunter's jig; Rocky road to Dublin; Spey in spate; Tusca; College Valley Hunt [Johnny Handle]; Sir John Fenwick's 'The flower among them all'; Baby lie easy [Tom Gilfellon]; Dingle Regatta; Father Kelly's jig; Wedding of Blyth; Andrew Carr; Golden eagle; Sunshine; Johnny Armstrong [Colin Ross]; Derwentwater's farewell [Colin Ross]; Ned of the hill [Colin Ross]; Buy broom besoms [Johnny Handle]; Underhill; Scallowa' lassies; De'il stick the minister; Hares on the mountain [Tom Gilfellon]; Trumpet hornpipe; Cadum Wood.
LER 3008 Bob Davenport Bob Davenport and the Marsden Rattlers [Marsden rattlers - Jim Bainbridge, Susan Bainbridge, Jim Boyles, Jim Irvine, John Lincoln, Tom Montgomery, Derek Proctor, Trevor Sheridan] [Trailer - yellow label] (1971)
Granny's old armchair; Gipsy girl; Early, early in the spring; Old miner; I wish I was single again; Nell; Mucking of Geordie's byre; Cock of the North; Hey! Canny man; I wish they'd do it now; Bonny bunch of roses; Nineteen thirties; Jarrow shipbuilder; Trimdon Grange disaster; Champion he was a dandy; Geordieland 68.
LER 2009 Martyn Wyndham-Read Ned Kelly and that gang [Trailer - white test label] (1970)
Ned Kelly; Ben Hall's gang; Streets of Forbes; Convict maid; Moreton Bay; Wild colonial boy; Jim Jones; Lament for Ben Hall; Cypress brig; Death of Ben Hall; Stringybark Creek; Farewell to Greta; Ned Kelly.
LER 3010 Lea Nicholson Horsemusic [Performers include - Tim Hart, Maddy Prior, Gay Woods, Terry Woods] [Trailer - red label] (1971)
Here we come a-wassailing; Glory of the North; Greenland bound; Lea Rigs; I live not where I love; I'm the urban spaceman; Bach, Johannes Sebastian - Trio sonata for two manuals and pedal: allegro; Along the Rossendale; Coast of Peru; False knight on the road; Kopya; All through the beer.
LER 2011 Robin & Barry Dransfield Rout of the Blues [Trailer - red label] (1970)
Rout of the Blues; Scarborough Fair; St Clemet's jig; Huntsmen's chorus; Nancy; Waters of Tyne; Earl of Totnes; Tapestry; Trees they do grow high; Week before Easter; Fair maid walking all in her garden; Who's the fool now?
LEA 4012 Various artists Blue Ridge Mountain Field Trip - various artists at the Galax Fiddler's Convention [With 8 page booklet] [Leader - Buff label] (1970)
Hubert Caldwell: Ox bow quadrille; Constitution hornpipe; Staten Island hornpipe; Old Virginia waltz. Sue Draheim, Buddy Pendleton, Mac Benford: Peeler Creek waltz. Carl Flemming, Buddy Pendleton: Liberty; Rutland's reel. Gray Craig, Doug Rorrer, Janet Kerr: Soldier's joy. Gray Cragi, North Carolina Ramblers: Richmond. John Hil: Sweet sunny south; Sugar in the gourd. John Hilt, Tex Isley (guitar): Silver threads among the gold; Reidsville blues; Buck; Live and let live; Nobody's business. John Hilt, Roger Sprun, Joan Sprung (guitar): Devil's dream. Gray Craig, Doug Rorrer: Under the double eagle.
LER 2013 Tony Rose Young Hunting [Trailer - red label] (1970)
Robin Hood and the Bishop of Hereford; Bellringing; Young Hunting; Golden Vanitee; Up to the rigs; Three butchers; Royal Oak; Blackwaterside; Parson and the clerk; Tavistock Goosey Fair.
LER 2014 Nic Jones Ballads and songs [Trailer - yellow label] (1970)
Sir Patrick Spens; Butcher and the tailor's wife; Duke of Marlborough; Annan Water; Noble Lord Hawkins; Don't you be foolish pray; Outlandish knight; Reynard the fox; Little Musgrave.
LER 3015 Leon Rosselson Word is hugga mugga chugga lugga humbugga boom chit [with Roy Bailey and Martin Carthy] [Trailer - red label] (1971)
Hugga mugga chugga lugga humbugga boom chit; Garden of stone; Invisible man; Never mind the slugs; Word market; Do you remember?; William; I don't want to die; Remembrance Day
LER 3016 Bob & Carole Pegg He came from the mountains [Trailer - red label] (1971)
Rise up Jock; Scorpion departs but never returns; Lord of the dance; He came from the mountains; Love song number 2; Jimmy's letters; Angeline; Susan's song.
LER 2017 Dave & Toni Arthur Hearken to the witches rune [Trailer - yellow label] (1971)
Alison Gross; Tam Lin; Fairy tale; Fairy child; Broomfield Hill; Standing stones; Cruel mother; Alice Brand.
LER 3018 Rosemary Hardman & Bob Axford Second season came [Trailer - red label] (1971)
Lady for today; Will Taylor; Andrew; For Midge and the rest; Strangely moved; Oto's rag; There had to be some changes made; Mosaic; Lord Huntley; This man; Butterfly; Out on the bridge.
LER 2019 Various artists Folk Trailer - introduced by Jim Lloyd [Trailer - red label] (1970)
Rout of the Blues [R & B Dransfield]; Bellringing [T Rose]; Lazlo Feher [D & T Arthur]; Jack broke the prison door [A Bain, M Whellans]; Donald Blue [A Bain, M Whellans]; Wha'll dance wi' Willie Wattie [A Bain, M Whellans]; Strangely moved [R Hardman, B Axford]; Love song number 2 [B & C Pegg]; Wild colonial boy [M Wyndham-Read]; Bonny at morn [R Fisher, C Ross]; Cam ye o'er frae France [A Fisher]; Reynard the fox [N Jones] Drops of brandy [High Level Ranters]; Foxhunter's jig [High Level Ranters]; Rocky road to Dublin [High Level Ranters]; Bright morning star [Young Tradition].
LER 2020 The High Level Ranters Keep your feet still Geordie hinnie [High Level Ranters Orchestra - Alistair Anderson, Clem Avery, Colin Beal, Foster Charlton, Albert Gelson, Tom Gilfllon, Johnny Handle, Ronald McLean, Colin Ross, Tom Waugh] [Trailer - red label] (1970)
Keep your feet still Geordie hinny; Pawnshop bleezin; Lambton worm; Come Geordie, ha'd the bairn; Geordie Black; Adam Buckham; Cushie Butterfield; Neighbours doon belaa; Nannie's amaizor; Weshin day; Last neet; Blaydon Races.
LER 3021 Roy Bailey Roy Bailey [Trailer - red label] (1971)
Three butchers; Bitter withy; Dust to dust; Thornaby Woods; How should I your true love know?; Fair maid walking; Poverty knock; Clerk Saunders; No sir no; Dalesman's litany; Palaces of gold.
LER 2022 Aly Bain & Mike Whellans Aly Bain - Mike Whellans [Trailer - red label] (1971)
Jack broke the door; Donald Blue; Wha'll dance wi' Wattie; Jimmy Clay; Maple sugar; Whistlin' through the pines; Buckin' mule; Sweet Georgia Brown; Lucky can du link ony; Foostra; Aandown' at the bow; Fiddler's Green; Willie MacIntosh; Cooley's reel; Neil Gow's lament for his second wife; Steppin' out.
LER 2023 Derek & Dorothy Elliott Derek and Dorothy Elliott [Trailer - red label] (1972)
May dew; Jack the sailor; Tally ho the hounds; Wassail song; Bring us a barrel; Adieu to judges and juries; John Barleycorn; Maria Marten; He that will not merry, merry be; Cornstalk; Robber bridegroom; Lady Maisry.
LER 2024 Tony Rose Under the greenwood tree [Trailer - yellow label] (1971)
Jockie to the fair; Bridgewater Fair; Just as the tide was flowing; Lark in the morning; Searching for lambs; Basket of eggs; John Blunt; True lovers; Grad conversation on Napoleon; Sheath and knife; Limbo; Trees they do grow high.
LER 2025 Pisces Pisces [Pisces - Richard Digance; Tim Greenwood; John O'Connor] [Trailer - red label] (1971)
Bright new morning; Ballad of Benjamin Bratt; After the night; Jack O'Legs; If I sing you a song; Midsummer symphony; Sam the one eyed snail; Poker Joe.
LER 2026 Robin & Barry Dransfield Lord of all I behold [Trailer - red label] (1971)
Faithful Johnny; Bold Nelson's favourite; Who liveth so merry; Adam and the beasts; Lord of all I behold; Paddy Ryan's dream; Still he sings; Bold William Taylor; Just as the tide was flowing; Wild rover.
LER 2027 Nic Jones Nic Jones [Trailer - red label] (1971)
Lass of London city; Napoleon's lamentation; Bonny bunch of roses; Edward; Outlandish knight; William and Nancy's parting; Lord Bateman; Dance to your daddy; Two brothers; Banks of green willow.
LER 2028 Martyn Wyndham-Read Martyn Wyndham-Read [Trailer - yellow label]. (1971)
Green bushes; Gentle Annie; Banks of Claudy; Jamie Raeburn; Johnny Sands; Main from Buncloudy; Ryebuck shearer; Garten mother's lullaby; Overlander; Wee one; Lost sailor; Oh for me grog.
LER 2029 Dave Burland Dalesman's litany [Trailer - yellow label] (1971)
Here's the tender coming; Black cook; Lord Lovel; Blacksmith; Dalesman's litany; Beggar; William Taylor; Brisk young widow; Bleacher lassie o' Kelvinhaugh; Rosie Anderson.
LER 2030 The High Level Ranters High Level [High Level Ranters - Alistair Anderson, Tom Gilfllon, Johnny Handle, Colin Ross] [Trailer - yellow label] (1971)
Felton Lonnin; Till the tide comes in; Stay a wee bit bonnie lad; Plains of Waterloo; Hens march; Broken legged chicken; Black cock of Whickham; Trepanner song; Jolly beggar; Papa Stour; Monday morning; Through the fields reel; Tarbolton Lodge reel; I drew my ship; Hartigan's fancy; Tobin's favourite; High Level Bridge hornpipe.
LER 3031 Keith Roberts Pier of the realm [Trailer - red label] (1972)
Blackpool blues; Cage; Pit yard accident; Cobbled streets; Eawt on t' rooks; Maypole disaster; World out of coal; Lament for Albert; Goo an' cleyn thi cogs; Closing of the doss house; Last days of steam.
LER 2032 Swan Arcade Swan Arcade [Swan Arcade - Dave Brady, Heather Brady, Jim Boyes] [Trailer - yellow label] (1973)
Bright shining morning; Anti-Gallician privateer; Battle of Sowerby Bridge; Admiral Benbow; Rol, Alabama, roll; Last Valentine's Day; Lord Willoughby; Hunt is up; Peat bog soldiers; All the good times.
LER 2033 John Kirkpatrick Jump at the sun [Trailer - red label] (1972)
Devil among the tailors; Roving journeyman; Jolly ploughboys; Alle Psallite; Rambling comber; Arrnagement of Morris tunes including - Morris call, I'll go and enlist for a sailor, Cuckoo's nest [three versions], Old woman tossed up in a blanket, Rose, Black joke, Maid of the mill [two versions], Bonny green garters; Widow of Westmorland's daughter; Princess Royal; Mattheson, Johann: Gigue No. 4; Once I loved a maiden fair; Dust to dust; Puddlegum's misery hornpipe; Accordianism jig; Jump at the sun jig.
LER 3034 Roger Nicholson Nonesuch for dulcimer [with Robert Johnson] [Trailer - yellow label] (1972)
Nonesuch; Medieval garden; In good King Arthur's day; Rakes of Mallow; Bach, Johann Sebastian: Suite for cello No. 6 - gavotte in D; Newlyn Town; Howie's tune; God rest ye merry, gentlemen; Bonny lass o Fyvvio; MacPherson's rant; O'er the river Charlie; Fugue for sulcimer; Laily worm and the mackerel of the sea; Spring season; Appalachian two step; Sheep stealer; Shady grove variations.
LER 3035 Christy Moore Prosperous
LER 3036 The Green Linnet   Tim Lyons   (1972)
You Rambling Boys of Pleasure; Lake of Coolfin; Skillet Pot; Green Fields of Canada; Greem Linnet; Limerick Rake; Van Dieman's Land, Stick to the Crater; Am Bunan Buide (The Yellow Bittern); An Droimin Don Dilis (The Sweet Brown Cow).
LER 2037 The High Level Ranters Mile to ride [High Level Ranters - Alistair Anderson, Tom Gilfllon, Johnny Handle, Colin Ross] [Trailer - yellow label] (1972)
Nae gud luck jig; Charlie Hunter jig; Cold and raw; Beeswing hornpipe; Archie Menzies reel; Border widow's lament; Mile to ride slip jig; Jockey lay up in the hayloft slip jig; Shoemaker; Shepherd's life; A U me hinny bird; Newcastle hornpipe; Gateshead hornpipe; Long Lankin; Gillan the drover; Niel Gow's wife; Dark island; Laird of Drumblair strathspey; Angus Campbell reel.
LER 2038 Ray Fisher Bonnie birdy [Performers include: Alistair Anderson; Bobby Campbell; Martin Carthy; Tim Hart; Ashley Hutchings; Peter Knight; Colin Ross; Liz Sobell; Stefan Sobell] [Trailer - yellow label] (1972)
Johnny Sangster; Mill o' Tifty's Annie; Bonny at morn; Forfar sodger; Pride of Glencoe; Silkie of Sul Skerry; Shipyard apprentice; Bonny birdy.
LER 2039 Mike Harding Lancashire lad [Trailer - yellow label] (1972)
German clockwinder; Walls of Jericho; Lancashire lads; Three ha'pence a foot; Hand waver and the factory maid; keyhole in the door; Number eighty one bus; Cock and the ass; Sodom and Gomorrah; July wakes; Hattersley lament.
LEA 4040 Gray Craig and the new North Carolina Ramblers and Tex Islay North Carolina Boys . [Grey gatefold with integral 8 page booklet] [Leader - turquoise label] (1972)
Run boy, run; Redwing; Shanty Town; Dark Town Strutters' Ball; Letter edged in black; Fly around my pretty little miss; Polecat blues; Old Joe Clark; Walking in my sleep; Greenfields; Silver Bells; North Carolina Boys; Flop-eared mule; Fourteen days in Georgia; Precious memories; Will you be true?
LEA 4041 Charlie Wills [Grey gatefold with integral 16 page booklet] [Leader - orange label]. (1972)
Derby Ram; Barbara Allen; Banks of sweet Dundee; Germany clockmaker; Game of cards; Up to the rigs of London town; Corduroy; Brennan on the moor; Ruth Butcher; Household remedies; Our goodman; Go and leave me; Oak and the ash.
LEE 4042 George Dunn George Dunn [Grey gatefold with integral 8 page booklet] [Leader - turquoise label] (1973)
Oyster girl; Cold blows the wind; Edward; Miller's song; Nottingham poacher; Young sailor bold; Here we come a-wazlin'; Nelson's death; John Riley; Henry my son; Oh, it was my cruel parents; Gallant poachers; All fours.
LEA 2043 John Doonan Flute for the Feis [Leader - turquoise label] (1972)
Sean Maguire's reel; McMahon's reel; Hunt; Smash the windows jig; Off she goes jig; Bonaparte's retreat; Sport of the chase slip jig; Flowers of Antrim hornpipe; Quarrelsome piper hornpipe; An Coolin; Fermoy lassies reel; Sporting Paddy reel; Dawn reel; Ace and deuce of pipering; Saddle the pony slow jig; Shandon bells slow jig; Little heathy hill; King of the fairies; Eileen Aroon; Bonny Kate reel; Jenny's chickens reel.
LEA 2044 Coleman Country Traditional Society Music from the Coleman Country   [Coleman Country Traditional Society - Andrew Davey, Jim Donaghue, Seamus Donaghue, Bernie Finn, Fred Finn, Oliver Killoran, John Joe Mooney, John O'Gara, Peter Horan, Seamus Tansey, Tommy Toolan] [Leader - turquoise label] (1972)
O'Rourke's reel; Wild Irishman reel; Laurel tree reel; Blackthorn stick reel; Willie Coleman's jig; Brendan Tone Rowe's jig No 2; Musical priest reel; Trim the velvet reel; Cuckoo hornpipe; Boys at the lough reel; Devils of Dublin reel; Wise maid reel; Strike the gay harp jig; Lough Gowna jig; Lord Gordon's reel; Fox chase rel; Killavil jig; Lilting banshee jig; Kid on the mountain jig; Miss McLeod's reel; Michael Rilly's reel; Martin Wynn's reel No 2; Anachuin; Morning dew reel; Woman of the house reel; Rakish Paddy reel.
LEE 4045 Lonnie Austin & Norman Woodlieff Lonnie Austin & Norman Woodlieff
LEAB 404 Copper Family Song for Every Season - the singing tradition of the Copper Family of Rottingdean, Sussex [Boxed set of 4 records with 16 page booklet] (1971)
LEA 4046 - Tater Beer Night [Leader - orange label]
Dame Durdon; By the green grove; Spencer the rover; Charming Molly; Sweep chimney sweep; Rose of Allandale; Pleasant month of May; When spring comes on; Spotted cow; Wop She 'ad it i-o; Week before Easter; Brisk and lively lad.
LEA 4047 - Black Ram [Leader - orange label]
Sheep shearing song; Adieu sweet lovely Nancy; Claudy banks; Sweet lemeney, Corduroy; Come all bold Britons; No John no; Shepherd's song; Thousands or more; Shepherd of the Downs; As I walked out.
LEA 4048 - Hollerin' Pot [Leader - orange label]
Seamen bold; When Adam was first created; Lawyer bold; Gentlemen of high renown; My love has gone; Battle of Alma; Warlike seamen; Brisk and bonny lad; Sportsmen arouse; Admiral Benbow; Wind across the moor; Oh good ale.
LEA 4049 - Turn o' the Year [Leader - orange label]
Shepherds arise; Softly the night; Christmas song; Babes in the wood; Dying soldier; Brisk young ploughboy; Heigh ho sing ivy; Jolly good song; Two young brethren; Ploughshare; Come write me down.
LEA 4050 Unto Brigg Fair Various artists   [Grey gatefold with integral with 20 page booklet] [Leader - turquoise label].   (1972)
Joseph Taylor: Sprig o' thyme; Died for love; Brigg Fair; White hare; Lord Bateman; Rufford Park Poachers; Gipsy's wedding day; Worcester City; Creeping Jane; Murder of Maria Martin; Sprig o' thyme; Bold William Taylor. Mr Thompson: Lord Bateman. Joseph Leaning: Green bushes; Sheffield apprentice. George Gouldthorpe: Horkstow Grange. Joseph Taylor: Landlord and tenant; Bold Nevison. George Wray: Lord Melbourne. Dean Robinson: Bold Robin Hood; T'owd yowe wi' one horn.
LED 2051 Irish Music from The Favourite   Jimmy Power (fiddle), Tony Ledwith (accordeon), Tom Power (guitar), Paul Gross (piano), Reg Hall (piano). (1971)
Jigs: Statia Donelly's / Mick Gorman's Fancy. Reels: Last Night's Fun / Martin Wynn's; The Woman of the House / The Morning Dew; The Donegal / The Mooncoin; Toss the Feathers / Cooley's / The Earl's Chair; Paddy Malynn's / The Green Groves; Kitty's Gone a-Milking / Miss Thornton; The Tempest / Colonel Rodney / John Morrison; Bonny Ann / Miss Johnson; The Mistress / St Anne's; The Copperplate / The Kilmaley / The Pigeon on the Gate / The Maid of Castlebar. Set Dance: Princess Royal. Jigs: Willy Clancy's / Mag Long's; Lanigan's Ball / Gallagher's Frolics; The Kesh. Hornpipe: Sean Ryan's Fancy; Hornpipe Selection.
LED 2052 Da Forty Fiddlers, Cullivoe Traditional Players, Tom Anderson, Aly Bain Shetland Fiddlers [Leader - turquoise label] (1973)
Forty Fiddlers: Galley Watch; Kail and knockit corn; Burn o' Weinerdalittle; Fashion o' da Delting lassies; Oliver Jack; Willafjord; Shaalds o' Foula; Garster's dream; Brig; Faeroe rum; Aandowin' at da bow; Forfeit o' da ship; Come agen ye're welcome; Black hat. Cullinvoe Traditional Players: Faery reel; De'il amang the tailors; Spence's reel; Lay de at dee; Oot and In da harbour; High road to Linton. Bobby Jamieson, Willie Barclay Henderson: Yellow haired lassie; Sleep soond ida mornin'. Willie Barclay Henderson, John Henderson: Crab and da capstan; Haad da thing ta Gibbie. Tom Anderson, Aly Bain: Wynadelba; Soldier's joy. Forty Fiddlers: Craw dang pussy; Whattle o't; Gordon's favourite; Laird o' Gulberwick; Auld hill grind; Fram ipon him; Jack broke da prison door; Donal' Blue; Sail 'er o'er da raftrees; De'il stick da minister; Taste da green; Harlock's reel; Robertson's reel; Hamefarers; Sixareen.
LED 2053 Virginia Reel Fiddle and banjo tunes recorded in Galax, Virginia. [Leader - turquoise label] (1974)
Kyle Creed, Bobby Patterson, Parley Grey, Roy Russell, Katie Goulding: Dance all night. Kyle Creed, Bobby Patterson: Roustabout. Kyle Creed, Bobby Patterson, Parley Grey, Roy Russell, Katie Goulding: Redwing. Kyle Creed, Bobby Patterson, Parley Grey, Roy Russell, Katie Goulding: Old country church. Kyle Creed, Bobby Patterson, Parley Grey, Roy Russell: John Hardy. Parley Gray, Bobby Patterson: Weeping Willow. Kyle Creed, Bobby Patterson, Parley Grey, Roy Russell, Katie Goulding: Pig in the pen. Kyle Creed, Bobby Patterson, Parley Grey, Roy Russell, Katie Goulding: Cacklin' hen; Kyle Creed, Bobby Patterson, Parley Grey, Roy Russell: Lost Indian. Parley Gray, Bobby Patterson, Roy Russell, Katie Goulding: Sunny side of the mountain. Parley Grey, Bobby Patterson: Sweet sunny South. Parley Grey, Bobby Patterson: Coleman Ridge backstep. Kyle Creed, Bobby Patterson, Parley Grey, Roy Russell: Soldier's joy. Kyle Creed, Bobby Patterson, Parley Grey, Roy Russell, Katie Goulding: I don't love nobody.
LEE 4054 Cecilia Costello Cecilia Costello - recording from the sound archives of the BBC [grey gatefold with integral 8 page booklet] [Leader - turquoise label] (1975)
Cruel mother; I wish, I Wwish; There was a squire in Edinboro' lived; Wexford murder; Handsome cabin boy; Betsy of Ballantown Brae; Jew's garden; I am a maid that's deep in love; Wedding song; Shule agra; Lover's ghost.
LEA 4055 Various artists Old British ballads of Donegal and Derry - Traditional singers collected by Hugh Shields. With booklet. (1975)
John Ban: The Dark Eyed Gypsy; Little Sir Hugh. Joe McCafferty: John Barbour (Willie o' Wynsbury). Willy Duggan: Baile Leo (Two Sisters). Susie Phaidi Oig: The Weary Gallows. Mr X: Willy O. John Flemming: The Hillman (Our Goodman). Eddie Butcher: The Bride Stolen by Fairies (Tam Lin); The Widow's Daughter. Alec Foster: Stock and Wall; The Creel. Charlie Somers: Barbro Allen. Mrs Tilly Quigley: The Dark-Eyed Gypsy.
LEE 4056 A Fine Hunting Day   Songs of the Holme Valley Beagles [Grey gatefold with integral 12 page booklet] [Leadr - orange label] (1975)
On a fine hunting morn; Castle Hill anthem; Old Snowball; Scent was good; Brown hare of Whitebrook; Gossip John; Hounds are out; Joe the carrier's lad; Some gentlemen take great delight; Doctor Mack; Holmfirth Anthem.
LEE 4057 Far Canadian Fields Companion to the Penguin Book of Canadian Folk Songs. Various artists   [Grey gatefold with integral 8 page booklet] [Leader - turquoise label] (1975)
Mr & Mrs Albert Simms: Loss of the Ellen Munn; Clyde Gilmour: H'Emmer Jane. Jim Docherty: When the shanty boy come down. Lennox Gavan: Lake of the Caogama. Mr & Mrs Albert Simms: Young Spanish lass. John Leahy: Lonesome scenes of winter. Mrs Arlington Fraser: Jolly raftsman o. O J Abbott: By the hush, me boys; Captain Charles Cates: Life in the prairie shack. Mrs Arlington Fraser: Young MacDonald. Mrs Eva Bigrow: Willie drowned in Ero. O J Abbott: Plains of Waterloo; Bonny bunch of roses o; O J Abbott: Weaver. Robert J Campbell: Seven gypsies on yon hill. Emerson Woodcock: Footboy.
058 Not issued
059 Not issued
LED 2060 John J Kimmel Early recordings of Irish traditional dance music   (1977)
Reels: Cuckoo's Nest / Mason's Apron; Jigs: Rakes of Kildare /Devlin's Favourite; Reels: Bonnie Kate / Swallow's Tail / Star of Munster; Medley of Clogs; Jigs: Haste to the Wedding/ Larry O'Gaff / Colairne; Irish Boy March; Jigs: Haley's Favorite; Hornpipes: Rights of Man / Liverpool / Sailor's; Reels: Floggan Reel / Cup of Tea; Jigs: Three Little Drummers / Connaughtman's Ramble / To the Ladies / Devlin's Favourite; Hornpipes: Bryant's Favourite / Birds in the Tree; Jigs: Contentment is Wealth / Untitled; Reels: Salmango / Off Key; Reels: Stack of Barley / Blackberry Blossoms / Green Fields of America; Jig: The Trip to the Cottage.
061 Not issued
LEE 4062 John Maguire Come Day, Go Day, God Send Sunday [Grey gatefold with integral 8 page booklet] [Leader - turquoise label] (1973)
Molly Bawn Lowry; Marrowbones; Bonny Irish boy; Thousands are sailing to Amerikay; Bonny wee lassie that never said no; My charming Mary; Constant farmer's son; Joe Higgins; Handsome collier lad; Dick Mooney's daughter; In praise of John Magee; Lovely Jane from Enniskea.
LED 2063 Walter Pardon Proper Sort   [Coloured gatefold with song lyrics] [Leader - yellow label]   (1975)
Poacher's fate; Let the wind blow high or low; Old Brown's daughter; Rambling blade; Van Dieman's land; Dark eyed sailor; Trees they do grow high; Ship to England came; Miller and his sons; British man-of-war; Jack Tar ashore.
064 Not issued
LEE 4065 A People's Carol   A Christmas singing tradition recorded in South Yorkshire pubs. [Grey gatefold with integral 8 page booklet] [orange label] (1975)
Hark, hark what news [Black Bull, Ecclesfield]; While shepherds (Liverpool) [Fountain, Ingbirchworth]; Jacob's Well [White Hart, Oughtibridge]; Christmas tree [Royal Hotel, Dungworth]; Arise, arise good Christians [Royal Hotel, Dungworth]; Hail! Smiling morn [Fountain, Ingbirchworth]; Star of Bethlehem [White Hart, Oughtibridge]; While shepherds (Foster) [Fountain, Oughtibridge]; Ring out ye bells [Black Bull, Ecclesfield]; Six jolly miners [Black Bull, Ecclesfield]; Merry Christmas [Toyal Hotel, Dungworth].
066 Not issued
LED 2067 Copper Family Song For Every Season - the Copper Family of Rottingdean, Sussex   [Tracks from the 4LP set] [Leader - yellow label] (1971)
Pleasant month of May; Sheep shearing song; When Adam was first created; Adieu sweet lovely Nancy; Wop she 'ad it-io; Wind across the moor; Claudy banks; Shepherds arise; You gentlemen of high renown; My love has gone; Come write me wown; Spencer the rover; Thousands or more.
LED 2068 Stephen Baldwin English Village Fiddler - BBC recordings by Peter Kennedy, 13 October 1952 [Leader - orange label] (1976)
Gloucester hornpipe [called Liverpool hornpipe on BBC list]; Greensleeves; Haste to the wedding; Flanagan's ball; Girl I left behind me; Irish washerwoman; Liverpool Hornpipe [called Swansea hornpipe on BBC list]; Napoleon's march; Cottage hornpipe [Fisher's hornpipe]; Untitled hornpipe [Liverpool hornpipe]; Off she goes; Pop goes the weasel; Coleford jig; Ted Smith's hornpipe; Untitled polka; Cock o' the north; Soldier's joy; College hornpipe [called Gipsy hornpipe and Gloucester hornpipe on BBC list]; Irish jig [Rory O'More]; Old fashioned waltz; Untitled schottische No 1; Untitled schottische No 2; Heel and toe polka; Varsoviana [not the tune usually known by this title]; Untitled hornpipe [Morpth rant]; Cabbages and onions [Phillebelulah, Cumberland reel, King of the Cannibal Isle] [called Double dee doubt, Double lead out on the BBC list]; Pretty little dear [Triumph, Stp and fetch her, Shave the donkey]; Just as the tide was flowing; Anywhere does for me (song).
LEA 2069 Beresford Band Yorkshire Dales Dance Night   [Beresford Band - Peter Beresford (electronic accordion), Mary Beresford (drums), John Wallbank (fiddle)] [Leader - orange label] (1977)
Friendly waltz; Maxina; Eva three step; Waltz Marie; Military two step; Doris waltz; Royal empress tango; Breakaway blues; St Bernard's waltz.
LED 2070 Eddie Butcher Shamrock, Rose and Thistle [Coloured gatefold with song lyrics] [Leader - orange label] (1976)
Mountain streams where the moorcock crows; Daysman; Man, woman and mouse; David's flowery vale; Tossing the hay; Conversation; Creel of peats; Killyclare; Fan; Don't come again; Farmer's daughter; Youghal harbour; Ship's carpenters wife; Another man's wedding.
LED 2071 The Rakes   The Rakes [Rakes - Paul Gross, Reg Hall, Michael Plunkett] [Leader - turquoise label] (1975)
Babes in the wood polka; All the way to Galway polka; Dashing white sergeant reel; Bottom of the punch bowl reel; Greensleeves schottische; Harry Cox's schottische; Carry me down to Carlow schottische; Geese in the bog jig; Butcher's march jig; Jimmy Garson's march; Lucy Farr's jig No 1; Lucy Farr's jig No 2; Carraroe jig; Mug of brown ale jig; Honeysuckle hornpipe; Pound Hill hornpipe; Bold Reynolds waltz; Gaelic waltz; Maggie Pickens schottische; Ma McNulty's schottische; Lucy Farr's polka No 1; Lucy Farr's polka No 2; Molly in the wood polka; Tralee Gaol polka; Maggie in the wood polka.
LER 2072 Dick Gaughan No more forever [Trailer - yellow label] (1972)
Rattlin', roarin' Willie; Briar's britches; MacCrimmon's lament; Mistress Jamieson's favourite; Jock o' Hazeldean; Cam ye ower frae France: Bonnie banks of Fordie; Thatchers o' Glenrae; Fair flower of Northumberland; Teetotaller; Tushker; Three healths; John MacLean march; Green linnet.
LER 2073 Al O'Donnell Al O'Donnell
LER 2074 Alistair Anderson Plays English concertina [Trailer - yellow label] (1972)
Noble Squire Dacre; Dookin' for apples reel; Doon reel; New policeman reel; Music in the glen reel; Kid on the mountain slip jig; Bach, Johann Sebastian: Sonata No. 6 in E - Minuets 1 and 2, Bouree; Entertainer; Hill o' Finnigirt reel; Black hat reel; Madame Bonaparte; Bach, Johann Sebastian: Suite in B minor - polonaise; City of Savannah hornpipe; Poppy leaf hornpipe; Another jig will do slip jig; To Limerick we go slip jig; Hunt the hare slip jig; Dorrington lads jig; Hawk reel; Left handed sailor reel.
LER 2075 Rosemary Hardman Firebird [Trailer - red label] (1972)
Firebird; I can find you anywhere; Way it is; Mistress of my time; Who shall count for thee?; Song to the evening sky; Horses of the sea; King William's bequests; Fiddler man; Rondeau.
LES 2076 Watersons Bright Phoebus [Coloured gatefold with song lyrics] [Performers include - Martin Carthy, Bob Davenport, Clare Deniz, Dennis Field, Richard Gold, Gordon Graham, Tim Hart, Ashley Hutchings, Sue Kirkpatrick, Bill Leader, Dave Mattacks, Keith Nichols, Maddy Prior, Sammy Rimmington, Richard Thompson, Bernie Vickers] [Trailer - red label] (1972)
Rubber band; Scarecrow; Fine horseman; Winifer Odd; Danny Rose; Child among the weeds; Magical man; Never the same; To make you stay; Shady lady; Red wine and promises; Bright Phoebus.
LER 2077 Pete and Chris Coe Open the door and let us in [Trailer - red label] (1972)
Acting song; Banks of the red roses; Cheshire May Day carol; Lady Diamond; False knight; Joseph Baker; Wizard of Alderley Edge; Wife of Usher's Well; Egloshayle Ringers; Plains of Waterloo; Hugh of Lincoln; Gay fusilier.
LER 2078 Vin Garbutt Valley of Tees [Trailer - red label] (1972)
Danny Danielle; Johnny Hart; Glens of sweet Mayo; Gallagher's frolics jig; Sally garden's reel; High reel; Valley of Tees; Barney Brallaghan's courtship; Tim le Blanc; Pat O'Donnell; White hart; Garbutt's favourite; Streets of Staithes; Mr Gunman.
LER 2079 Tom Gilfellon Loving mad Tom [Trailer - red label] (1972)
Mad Tom of Bedlam; Outlandish knight; American stranger; George Collins; Cruel mother; Dust song; Keech I' the creel; We had not been a-sailing; Garratt Barry's favourite; Frieze britches; Free and easy; Foggy, foggy dew; October song.
LER 2080 Taverners Blowing sands [[Taverners - Alan Bell, Pete Rodger, Brian Osborne, Stuat Robinson] [Trailer - red label] (1973)
Lark in the morning; Ladies dance at Whitsun; Blowing sands; Young and single sailor; Rape of Glencoe; I'm looking for a job; Sir Thomas Tylesley; Windmills; La Pique; Sambo's song; Lord Middleton; Dark island.
LER 2081 Vin Garbutt Young tin whistle pest [Trailer - red label] (1975)
Coolie's reel; My loves in Germany; Black horse; Black Lion maggot; Howard Green; Cuckoo hornpipe; Sean sa ceoigh; Slaggy Island farewell; Chemical worker's song; Dunphy's hornpipe; Rattigan's reel; Lover's ghost.
082 Not issued
LER 2083 Jon Raven, Nic Jones, Tony Rose Songs of a changing world [with booklet] [Trailer - yellow label] (1973)
Rosemary; Wedgefield Wakes; Travelling people; Bad squire; Lancashire lads; Wife for sale; Poverty knock; Grinders; Hold the fort; Nailmaker's strike; Jolly Joe the collier's son; You won't get me down in your mine; Blantyre Explosion.
LER 2084 Marie Little Marie Little
LER 2085 Muckram Wakes Map of Derbyshire [Muckram Wakes - John Tams, Helen Watson, Roger Watson] [Trailer - yellow label] (1973)
Spencer the rover; Winster processional theme; Cruise of the Sun Glory; Cathy Shaw; Poor old horse; Watercress-o; Mrs Merry's Ball; Winster gallop polka; Cow i' th' gate; Squire of Tamworth; Fifty years ago; Gilliver; Bone lace weaver; Mallard; Dumper; Pulling down song.
LER 2086 Boys of the Lough Boys of the Lough [Boys of the Lough - Aly Bain, Dick Gaughan, Cathal McConnell, Robin Morton] [Trailer - Red label] (1973)
Boys of the Lough reel; Slanty Gart reel; In praise of John Magee; Wedding march from Unst; Bride's a bonny thing march; Sleep soond i' da morning march; Farewell to whiskey; Old Joe's jig; Last night's joy reel; Granny in the corner reel; Old oak tree; Caoineadh Eoghan Rua lament; Nine points of roguery; Doherty's reel; Flowing tide hornpipe; Andrew Lammie; Sheebeg and Sheemor; Boys in the gap; McMahon's reel; Jackson and Jane; Shaalds o' Foulla; Garster's dream; Brig.
LETSAM 2087 Various artists Our Folk Music Heritage [Trailer - yellow label] (1975)
Three butchers [R Bailey]; Docherty's reel [High Level Ranters]; Flowing tide [High Level Ranters]; Ower the water [B Dickson]; Dorrington lads [A Anderson]; Fiddler's Green [A Bain, M Whellans]; Skillet pot [T Lyons]; Shoemaker [High Level Ranters]; Rattling, roaring Willie [D Gaughan]; Friar's britches [D Gaighan]; Little Musgrave [N Jones]; Johnny Armstrong [C Ross]; Derwentwater's farewell [C Ross]; Ned of the hill [C Ross]; Valley of Tees [V Garbutt]; Bony birdie [R Fisher].
LER 2088 Bob Davenport, Rakes, Boldon Banjos Pal of My Cradle Days   [Rakes - Michael Plunkett, Paul Gross, Reg Hall; Boldon Banjos - Tom Ford, Norman Reid, Albert Glenwright, Bob Kane] [Trailer - yellow label] (1974)
Moving day; Twelve stone two; Around the world; Alexander's ragtime band; Durham clockmaker; Delilah; Road and the miles to Dundee; Robert E Lee; California here I come; Wheel the perambulator; Do you want your old lobby washed down?; If you knew Susie; Yes sir, that's my baby; How ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm; William Brown; He's only the village postman; I don't work for a living; Dream; Kentucky waltz; Pal of my cradle days.
LER 2089 Peter Bellamy Tell it like it was [Trailer - red label] (1975)
Rambling Robin; All in a day; Parson's peaches; Ballad of Judas; Farewell to the land; Nostradamus; On board a '98; Ward the pirate; Courting too slow; Burning; Bold privateer; Fiddler's hill; Goodbye.
LER 2090 Boys of the Lough Second album   [Boys of the Lough - Aly Bain, Cathal McConnell, Robin Morton, Dave Richardson] [Trailer - yellow label] (1973)
Lerwick lasses reel; Scalloway lasses reel; Underhill reel; Galley watch reel; An Goirtin Eornan (Little stack of barley); Sally Munroe; Patsy Campbell reel; Gravel walk reel; Lough Erne; Gold ring jig; Halting march; Lovely Nancy; Merrily kiss the Quaker's wife slide; Padraic O'Keefe'sslide; Yow cam ta wir door yarmin'; Christmas Day ida mornin'; Lass with the bonny brown hair; Lowrie Tarrell reel; Mason's apron reel.
LER 2091 Nic Jones Noah's ark trap [Trailer - yellow label] (1977)
Wanton seed; Jackie Tar; Ten thousand miles; Golden glove; Indian lass; Miles Weatherhill; Isle of France; Crockery ware; Annachie Gordon.
LER 2092 Martyn Wyndham-Read Maypoles to mistletoe [with Geoff and Pennie Harris and Arky's Toast] [Trailer - yellow label] (1975)
Wait's carol [All]; Candlemas Eve [MW-R, G&PH]; April song [AT]; Birds in the spring [MW-R]; Jack in the green [G&PH]; Furry Day carol [All]; Whitsun dance [GH]; Moon to the sun [AT]; Oats and beans [MW-R, G&PH]; Arky's toast [AT]; Hare hunting [G&PH]; Jolly fellows who follow the plough [MW-R]; Pescod time [MW-R, G&PH]; Guy Fawkes [AT]; York Waites [G&PH]; Seven joys of Mary [MW-R, G&PH]; Rose of Sharon [All].
LER 2093 Muckram Wakes Muckram Wakes [Muckram Wakes - John Adams, Suzie Adams; Helen Watson, Roger Watson] [Trailer - yellow label] (1976)
Muckram Wakes; Duchess of Hamilton's rant; Bitter withy; William Taylor; T'owd brahn 'en; Two sisters; Black boy jig; Farmer's arms; Winster Wakes; Derby ram; Twenty pins; Cromford Mills; Stockinger; Peg of Derby; High Stenson the deserter; Owd Joe Biggin.
LER 2094 Roger Nicholson, Jake Walton, Andrew Cronshaw Times and traditions for dulcimer [Trailer - yellow label] (1976)
Mistress Winter's jumpe; Dowland's midnight; Mrs Whyte's nothing; Rolling of the stones; Planxty Power; O'Carolan's concerto; Follow the plough; Mr Sharp's fancy; Gypsy's wedding; Haste to the wedding; Almaine; Bogie's bonny Bell; Devil among the tailors; Donal Og; Si Bheag, Si Mor; Song of wandering Aengus; Nonesuch [revisited].
LER 2095 Cyril Tawney Down Among the Barley Straw - seduction songs from the Baring-Gould manuscripts   [Leader - yellow label] (1976)
Down among the barley straw; Young Rambleaway; Ragged beggarman; Squire and the fair maid; Hostess's daughter; A-nutting we will go; Blackbird in the bush; Strawberry fair; Cottage on the hill; Bold dragoon; Bold trooper; Miraculous hen; Barley rakings.
LER 2096 Tommy Dempsey & John Swift Green grow the laurel [Trailer - white test label, handwritten tracks] (1976)
Little beggarman; Walking in the dew; Dumb, dumb, dumb; Recruiting sergeant; Enniskillen Dragoon; Cunla dear; She moved through the fair; Green grow the laurel; Follow me down to Carlow; Blackwaterside; As I roved out; Paddy and the whale; Tri-coloured ribbon; Limerick rake.
LER 2097 Bill Caddick Sunny memories [Trailer - yellow label] (1977)
Sunny memories; Father's little black box; Military man; P-tarmigan and groaty Dick; Gibson girl; Sitting all alone; Cinderella; Tango Bleriot; Diabolo rag; All the King;s ladies; Writing of Tipperary; It's a long way to Tipperary.
LER 2098 Pete & Chris Coe Out of season out of rhyme [Trailer - yellow label] (1976)
King's song; Young Benjie; Gilsland hornpipe; Linhope lope; Farewell to the brine; Bold Reynard waltz; Cunning old traitor; Bishop of Chester's jig; Two sisters; P & O polka; Proud Lady Margaret; When this old hat wasnew; Welcome cold November.
LER 2099 Martin Simpson Golden Vanity [Trailer - yellow label] (1976)
Beaulampkin; Snowdrop; Bitter withy; Cindy; Golden Vanity; Soldier's joy; Pretty Polly; Love minus zero / no limit; George Campbell; Gotta little home to go to; Louisiana, 1927.
LER 2100 Cilla Fisher & Artie Trazise Balcanquhal (1976)
LER 2101 Tony Rose On banks of green willow [Trailer - yellow label] (1976)
Twas on one April morning; Bold Archer; Fanny Blair; Polly Vaughan; Murdered servantman; Poor man's sorrows; Banks of green willow; Lord Rendal; Bonny hind; Sir William Gower; Fourteenth of July.
LER 2102 Vin Garbutt King Gooden [Trailer - yellow label] (1976)
Road to Youghal; Paddy row back; Pretty Meggy Morrissey; Green mossy banks of the Lea; O'Dwyer's hornpipe; Parkin Raine; King Gooden; Bantry girl's lament; Ballad of Cissy Lee; Hermit of Eskdaleside; Unknown reel; Imelda Rowland's reel; Doon reel; We may and might never meet here again.
LER 2103 Dick Gaughan Kist o' gold [Trailer - yellow label] (1977)
Earl of Errol; Granemore hare; Rigs o' Rye; Gipsy laddies; Lord Randal; Maggie Lauder; Cathaoir an Iarla' Banks of green willow; 51st Highland Division's farewell to Sicily; City of Savannah; Ril gan ainm; Raglan Road; Johnny miner; Balld of accounting.
LER 2104 Andrew Cronshaw Earthed In Cloud Valley [with Martin Simpson, Holly Tannen, Rick Kemp] [Trailer - yellow label] (1977)
Murdo MacKenzie of Torridon; Eleanor Plunkett; Prince William; Fanny Power; A stor a stor a ghra; Bellringing; Elsie Marley; Go from my window; Green mossy banks of the Lea; Christmas day in the morning; Glen Cottage; Dhu Hill; Midnight on the water; Pandeirada de Entrimo; Somewhere to stay; Cutty wren.
LER 2105 Various artists Fylde Acoustic [Trailer - yellow label] (1977)
Toye [J James]; Corranto [J James]; For Wendy - a nice buzz [P Berryman]; Mr Hitler, Mr Lanigan, Mr Tobin, sandancers extroidinaire [M Harding]; Ned of the hill [S Bracken]; Green fields of America [M Simpson]; Ninth of January [M Simpson]; Heights of Alma [N Jones, C Coe, P Coe]; Sweeney's polka [M Carthy]; Georgie [C Foster]; Bainish Sineidin [V Garbutt]; Black Jock [A Fisher, L Cowan]; Mr Southcote's pavan [J Renbourn, G Giltrap]; Mr Southcote's galliard [J Renbourn, G Giltrap]; English music [M Chapman].
LER 2106 Jean Redpath There were minstrels [Trailer - yellow label] (1977)
Dumbarton's drums; Rattlin' roarin' Willie; My love she's but a lassie yet; Robin Shure in hairst; West Virginia mine disaster; Gilderoy; Sheath and knife; Yellow Yorlin; Rob Roy; No, sir; Clerk Colven; Caroline of Edinburgh town; Davie and Jeannie.
107 Not issued
LER 2108 Peter Bond Its all right for some [Trailer - yellow label] (1977)
Baron and the busker; Africa '65; Category D; Some you win, some you lose; Letter from Sunderland; Birthday cake city; Ne coals off; Lark across the vapour trail; Let it be me on your mind; It's all right for some; Joe Peel; Joker.
109 Not issued
110 Not issued
LED 2111 Walter Pardon Our Side of the Baulk [Coloured gatefold with song lyrics] [Leader - orange label] (1977)
Pretty ploughboy; Up to the rigs; I'll beat the drum again; Down by the dark arches; Grace Darling; Generals all; I'll hang my harp on a willow tree; Wreck of the Ramillies; Jones' Ale; Old miser; Balaclava.