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10-May-07 - 06:36 AM
Thread Name: Bright Phoebus/Watersons/Bulmer
Subject: RE: Bright Phoebus/Watersons/Bulmer
"At the very least, it would be helpful to understand DB's reasons for his behaviour."

I'm not sure if I should chip in here, but I do know people who have talked to DB about this subject.

My best understanding is that he is a) a hoarder and b) has what he thinks is a business head. Business heads are only interested in doing business which will return what they feel is a realistic percentage - it's almost a matter of pride to them. DB, I understand, feels that the margins made by artists and record companies on CDs sold through conventional outlets is too small for the game to justify the candle. He was a 'plugger' in years gone by, dealing with high street stores, so remembers the good old days. I understand he thinks CDs are dead in the water. So unless and until he can see a sum that adds up to something 'worth his while,' the hoarder part of him is content to wait.

Now if this is true - and as I say it's hearsay - it explains why he takes no action, and when challenged digs in his heels and resorts to his legal position (which may or may not be watertight). He seems, I repeat seems, to be genuinely perplexed as to why so many people feel he's in the wrong.

I think a bunker mentality kicked in many years ago, and now he is missing some really important points - but then he's out of the mainstream and not many would dare try to advise him.

Anyone who did might say:

1) This material has value that is not financial - and he could gain in other ways if he made it properly available by one means or another - as would we all. (But again this is something all business heads have trouble understanding).

2) Margins on CDs sold at gigs return a much better profit than those sold in shops through a distrubutor. Small runs of 500 glass mastered bar-coded shrink-wrapped CDs can be very lucrative. The artists concerned COULD make a release pay, so if they are willing and able to buy back the rights and the masters, both parties could benefit financially. But the price would have to be right, and DB may still be thinking in terms of the old days, and the old figures.

3) CDs sold through the web rather than through shops make a much better profit. Many artists no longer bother with shops and DB could do the same. There are plenty of good on-line outlets which operate much smaller margins than shops and there is no distribution percentage.

4) However we no longer have to rely on CDs for the distribution of music. iTunes and others could make money, again, for both parties, at almost zero cost to him (assuming he can make digital copies of the archive). I'm not sure DB is fully aware of all this new technology, but if he isn't there are plenty of people nearby who are, and could help - and not at a huge cost either.

Perhaps Tyke or another of his chums might have a friendly word next time he bumbs into Dave.

(and if you read this Dave and work out who I am, I'm actually trying to help here, ok)?