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Posted By: Vixen
16-Apr-07 - 02:10 PM
Thread Name: Do you sing to your dog (or cat, or...)?
Subject: RE: Do you sing to your dog (or cat, or...)?
Reynaud and I share two cats; Spike, for whom I composed the following, to some (I'm sure) nursery rhyme tune:

My pal Spike is a handsome cat
Mittens in front and boots in back
Stripes all over and fur so fine
Mittens in front and boots behind.

and Pounce, for whom I composed (to the tune of Chim Chim Cheroo):

Shmoo-belly, Shmoo-belly, Shmoo-belly Pounce
She weighs way too much, if she weighs an ounce.

(according to the vet, she's not actually overweight, but picking her up is like trying to handle a water balloon--she's sort of bottom-heavy)

Pounce crawls all over Reynaud when he plays the concertina. She gets right in the face of my dad or Reynaud when either one plays harmonica, and she pats at the pennywhistle when I'm playing that. She also likes to get on the lap of anyone playing guitar.

Both Spike and Pounce often recline on the rug at our feet when Reynaud and I are playing tunes together, attentively twitching their ears.

Lacking any other empirical evidence, we're assuming they like music, because if they *didn't,* they'd surely head for the basement.

Neat thread...