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Posted By: leeneia
16-Apr-07 - 09:13 AM
Thread Name: Do you sing to your dog (or cat, or...)?
Subject: RE: Do you sing to your dog (or cat, or...)?
When we adopted the cat Herself from the vet's, we had no idea how fearful she was. She entered our house, then hid herself in the basement for over two weeks. We saw that she was eating and drinking the food that we left for her, but we never saw her and couldn't find her. I formed the habit of singing softly whenever I went to the basement.

I think it helped her get used to me. One day I was in the basement, and she approached me and rubbed up against my legs. Very, very slowly I reached down and picked her up. Then I sat on the basement steps a long time, holding her and singing softly. Three times I accidently made a dangerous, aggressive movement (i.e., moved any part of my body the least amount). In panic she would dive under the workbench, but I continued to sing softly, and the tip of her nose would appear as she checked me out. Finally she would emerge and return to me. This went on about an hour until I gathered my courage and took her carefully upstairs to join the household.

She's been a dear pet ever since. When I play piano she likes to sit on the bench with me.