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Posted By: Azizi
03-Apr-07 - 09:20 PM
Thread Name: I'm Rubber . You're Glue: Children's Rhymes
Subject: RE: I'm Rubber . You're Glue: Children's Rhymes
I'm curious if anyone here knows this rhyme:

abc, easy as 123, my momma takes care of me, my daddy watches mtv, ooh ahh i want a piece of pie, pie to sweet i wanna piece of meat, meat to rough i wanna ride a bus, bus too full i wanna ride a bull, bull not black i want my money back, money back too green i wanna jelly bean, jelly bean not cooked i wanna read a book, book not read i wanna go to bed, bed not made i want some lemonade, lemonade too sour i wanna take a shower, shower too cool i wanna go to school, school too dumb i wanna suck my thumb, thumb to dirty i wanna ride a birdie, birdie too slow and thats all i know, so close your eyes and count to ten, whoever messes up starts all over again, 12345678910...noone messed up so thats the end!
-elle;; 4/3/2007


The "ABC/easy as 1,2,3" line comes from the hit record titled "ABC" by the R&B group Jackson 5. The "Ooh Aah" lines that substitute one thing after the other reminds me of the "I went to the river but I couldn't get across" folk songs where one animal or one thing is traded for another animal or thing which then proves faulty and is therefore traded for yet another thing.

Is there a name for this pattern of song or rhyme?