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Posted By: bbc
24-Mar-00 - 06:15 PM
Well, Jed, I couldn't let you be the last; I had a few more things to respond to. Sorry to be reviving my own thread, folks.

Little Neo--On my birthday, I came home to balloons, flowers, cards (but real & virtual), & music gifts. Went out to a lovely dinner. The next day, I realized I hadn't had cake & Duane & I went to a local restaurant (after all, *I'm* the birthday cake baker in the family!) & had a slice of a chocolate cake so intense that you can only face it every 4 months or so, till memory fades. In the past 2 days, I've still been receiving cards by mail & email. I love birthdays lasting a long time! All the expressions of love are appreciated.

Clifton--I have to say that I feel I've done enough to be the age I am. I also feel I'm going into the best part of my life and I'm thankful to be alive.

Now, spaw, you are one sick puppy. Thanks for the link, though. I knew, from a reference you had made awhile ago in another thread that I had missed something you felt you should be punished for. I suspect I either had flu or walking pneumonia at that time. Although I might have, on occasion, tiptoed through the tulips in my bonnet (birthday suits being quite appropriate to this thread!), I don't recall the Mennonites being there. Is this a problem w/ my memory or are you getting just a tad carried away (again!)? If that mind could only be harnessed for the good of humankind! (Dream on!)