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Posted By: black walnut
23-Mar-00 - 08:25 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Hush little baby, don't say a word
Subject: RE: lyrics for Mockingbird lullaby
here's one i like:

Mama, Mama, have you heard? Papa's gonna buy me a mockingbird.

If that mockingbird don't sing, Papa's gonna buy me a diamond ring.

If that diamond ring don't shine, Papa's gonna buy me a bottle of wine.

If that bottle of wine gets broke, Papa's gonna buy me a billy goat.

If that billy goat runs away, Papa's gonna spank my boomsie-ay,

If my boomsie-ay gets sore, Papa's gonna buy me a grocery store.

If that grocery store burns down, Papa's gonna buy me an evening gown.

If that evening gown don't fit, Papa's gonna say "I quit! I quit!"'s a different tune from the regular 'Mockingbird'. so so so so so so la, so so so so la do do (if that helps).

~black walnut