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Posted By: MuddleC
14-Mar-07 - 12:59 PM
Thread Name: Cyril Tawney celebration @ C# House-14 April 2007
Subject: RE: Cyril Tawney celebration @ C# House-14 April 2007
Just had a most illuminating conversation with someone at Cecil Sharpe House.
I was trying to buy a day ticket (25), but none were left... all sold out.......
. --but I could buy an afternoon ticket (12) , and an evening ticket (15)............

My question to them, and this is where they had problems grasping this concept..
What is the difference beween an ALL-DAY ticket and me purchasing both an AFTERNOON and an EVENING ticket??
Do I miss-out on anything??
-brunch breakfast with Eliza Carthy perhaps?
-High tea with cumcumber sandwiches or an 'ACCESS ALL AREAS' back-stage pass?
-access to the 'Green room'?

The very bubbly and helpful lady did seem to grasp the theory eventually, and the answer ..Nothing, you see everything an all-day   ticket holder sees (although she did accidently drop in the expression VIP).
Okay, so I am paying two pounds ($4)extra, but If I have one ticket for each segment, don't I take up the same space as a day-ticket holder?
Here's the math... 1A+1E = 1D
can't the computer do this equation, or the human operator?
She said there were no seat reservations (apart from VIPs of course),

So when is an afternoon and an evening not a day, why, in the dim twilight of the EFDSS marketing dept. ........ so don't be put distracted by a tall blue box appearing suddenly towards the rear of the stage, just nod and say 'Hello, nice to see you Doctor..has the TARDIS got an all day or combined Afternoon/Evening ticket? Let's see what he says!