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Posted By: Arne
09-Mar-07 - 04:16 PM
Thread Name: BS: Libby convicted
Subject: RE: BS: Libby convicted

Or do you agree with me that Clinton, who lied, admitted lying, and lost his right to practice law for a couple of years because of his lies,....

MRPC Rule 8.4(c) makes any kind of deceit ("dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation") misconduct subject to administrative sanction as a lawyer. Of course, didn't help that all the Democrats on the Arkansas committee recused themsleves from the lynch party, leaving a bunch of foaming Republicans to mete out "appropriate punishment".

But this ethical "standard" is a bit higher than the legal standard for "perjury" (as pointed out above). And FWIW, if we were to rigourously and strictly apply 8.4(c) to all lawyers after six-year, $60 million dollar investigations for each and every one of them, we'd perhaps achieve Shakespeare's "solution".