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Posted By: beardedbruce
09-Mar-07 - 03:06 PM
Thread Name: BS: Libby convicted
Subject: RE: BS: Libby convicted
IMO, I feel that Libby SHOULD have been prosecuted, and should serve jail time for perjury. It is the two-level system I object to. I also feel thet the individual who committed the felony of releasing Plume's name should have been held accountable.

Krauthammer's point is that if the person committing the crime is not charged, then the lack of recall under questioning "was no big deal and shouldn't have been prosecuted in the first place"

To quote Arne,
"The perjury statute (18 USC 1621) requires that the lie be about a material fact. Not just about something embarrassing "

If the crime was not prosecutable, how could a lie be material?

Or do you agree with me that Clinton, who lied, admitted lying, and lost his right to practice law for a couple of years because of his lies, should be held to the same standard as a ( shudder) conservative, and have the same laws apply to him?