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Posted By: Greg B
08-Mar-07 - 03:03 PM
Thread Name: BS: Libby convicted
Subject: RE: BS: Libby convicted
I'll put it out there---

Libby had no right to lie, because what he lied about was the
questioner's (official) business: i.e., the outing of a CIA
operative in contravention of Federal law.

Clinton had every right to lie. He was correct to lie. Because
what he and Monica Lewinsky did as consenting adults was the
business of only three people--- Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky,
and Hilary Clinton, the woman to whom Bill Clinton had pledged
sexual fidelity. It wasn't Paula Jones' lawyer's business, it
wasn't the grand jury's business it wasn't the special counsel's

The idea that the government can make what happenes between
consenting adults its business is totally uncivilized.

Clinton's only mistake was in not saying 'I'm not going to
answer that question because it's none of your damned business.'

I bet he could have made it stick. To the good of all of society.

I guess we don't need to go back to the total deference and
discretion that let the Kennedy's get away with what they did,
but also to a great extent, they had the right idea then.