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Posted By: Greg B
27-Feb-07 - 03:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: if you fly into San Francisco fr, south
Subject: RE: BS: if you fly into San Francisco fr, south
The colors are real--- as the salinity changes, different things
live there. The reds are from brine shrimp!

When I was in college, I belonged to a club that flew radio
control model planes down there. Not too far from a giant
pile of salt owned by the Leslie Salt Company.

Most of us at one time crashed a model plane into the salt pond
at the southwest end of our runway. You'd wade out in shin-deep
brine to get it.

I'll tell you what--- that salt bath didn't do a radio that
was still turned on one bit of good! Talk about electrolysis!

Coyote Hills Regional Park made a very good observation point
for the evaporation ponds.

Back in the day, scow-schooners would ply those waters moving
bulk goods (and salt) up and down and across the bay. When the
wind was unfavorable, they'd sometimes wait for a tide going
in their direction, drift on it, then anchor or tie up to pilings
left for the purpose when it gave out or reversed, and actually
make it partways to where they were going that way. In the
South Bay, the wind is pretty relentlessly north-west, so
an ebb-tide on an evening or morning calm could be a godsend.

The park where Chanteyranger works has one of those boats in
sailing condition, the Alma.