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Posted By: catspaw49
24-Feb-07 - 09:24 PM
Thread Name: BS: Worst comedian ever?
Subject: RE: BS: Worst comedian ever?
Sorry.....Trying to define worst or best in anything is pretty lame as an exercise but trying to attach those labels to comedy and comedians is even more futile and hopeless than mentally masturbating over "What is Folk?" Was Danny Kaye a comedian or a comedic actor? Is stand-up required or do we lump writers, actors, performers, etc. all into the same category? I kinda' doubt that is possible.

So yeah, I really never cared much for Andy Kaufman and I'd prefer to read some Fran Lebowitz than watch Martin Lawrence do anything. If I use my own personal definition of "comedy," than Lenny, Richard, and George, have been joined by Robin as the Holy Trinity expands. And where Henny Youngman turned my stomach, Morey Amsterdam gave me belly laughs. I loved Danny Kaye and I loved Red Skeleton too, but he was almost too sacharine for my taste.

There is but one certainty......Jerry Lewis bites the big one!