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Posted By: Bobert
24-Feb-07 - 09:39 AM
Thread Name: BS: Is Karl Rove a Big Fat Liar???
Subject: RE: BS: Is Karl Rove a Big Fat Liar???

Washington Post,Feb 23, 2007, Page A-3, "A Nonpartisan Reputation at Stake" by Carol D. Leonnig

"The trial has given Fitgerald cahnces to show his well-known mastery of facts and his expertise at cross examining.

When Libby's former deputy, John Hanna, testified for the defense on the overqwhelming nature of Libby's job, Hanna said that at the time, Libby was monitoring al-Qaeda plots, the Iraq war and other national security threats.

Hannah, who said he was lucky to get a few minutes to talk to Libby, was supposed to help butress Libby's argument that ha had more important things to remember when he spoke to investigators than conversations with reporters.

With two quick questions, Fitzgerald drew Hanna to the week of July 6, 2003, when, the jurors had been told, Libby met for two hours with Times reporter Judith Miller to complain about Wilson.

   "And so, if you look at what was going on... if he gave    someone an hour or two during that week, it was something that Mr. Libby thought would be important, correct?" [Fitzgerald]

Hannah paused, but had to agree: "With regard to me, yes."


So, Dickey... Realy hate to interupt yer little Bushite cut 'n paste but there are some inconvient facts here, regardless of the verdict in this case... Think O.J. Simpson here... Crooks don't always get nailed...

Speaklin' on crooks that don't get nailed... Dick Cheney is a crook of the highest order with Karl "Crook" right behind him and with Libby set up to take the fall (or not, think O.J., Part B) there is a good chance that the corrupt Justice Department will not so much as make an attempt tp bring these two repulsive individuals to justice...

And just a side bar pop quiz question:

How much did the government spend to investigate Bill Clinton during his presidency??? And ho much has the government spent in investigating the Bush admininsrations efforts to discredit Joe Wilson???

Give up???

Clinton $71M

Snitch-gate $1.4M