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Posted By: GUEST,Ian cookieless
21-Feb-07 - 08:52 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Buried alive - is this story true?
Subject: RE: Origins: Buried alive - is this story true?
Now wondering if the English Florence Wyndham story is the origin of the USA story told to Tim Eriksen - or if both are a common story that has appeared in various places. If so, are there any other examples?

I wonder if there are any Mudcat doctors, surgeons or nurses who could say if there could possibly be any truth to the story. I know that some medical conditions make a pulse difficult or impossible to detect (don't know what the condition/s is/are). There was a story a few years ago on the news (proper news - BBC TV and radio - not internet rumours) of a woman in the UK who was on a mortuary drawer and a technician thought he saw her eyes move. It turned out that he did: having been pronounced dead she revived and went home. So it seems that being mistakenly taken as dead does happen (however rarely). (BTW, I tried to find this story on the net but drew a blank, probably because I can't remember any more details than I've just given.) In such a state, would the shock of a severed finger ever jolt the 'dead' person into life? Or would it finish the person off?! Any qualified medical opinions, Mudcatters?