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Posted By: bubblyrat
15-Feb-07 - 12:09 PM
Thread Name: Small Guitars?
Subject: RE: Small Guitars?
Oh!! Yes please !! I"ll have one of each ! I have actually had a few backpacker -type guitars----I quite liked the baby Taylor, but there"s no bass in dropped-D. ;The mini-Martin is nice too,but it isn"t that small----The Martin backpacker is very 'tinny',& more like a mandolin.I did own a used, baby Yamaha a few years ago -----I was "On the move" & needed a small guitar. The Yamaha was cheap ( 90 pounds )& actually sounded quite good although it needed constant re-tuning. I used it for "busking " around Exeter for a while.Then I went to Germany, & my companion,a German lady guitar-teacher,liked it so much,she used it for her lessons at night school !! I would like to try the Ozark.Oh, and Tanglewood have brought out a couple or three of really small guitars,two of which I"ve tried,and they too are pretty good for what they are ! At the end of the day, I"d rather put up with the inconvenience of a slightly larger guitar to get the better sound----I guess I"d have a Mini-Martin !!