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Posted By: InOBU
16-Mar-00 - 09:15 PM
Thread Name: St Pat's Day in the Mudcat Tavern
Subject: RE: St Pat's Day in the Mudcat Tavern
Well, I suppose for Saint Pats I can have an E-beer, without killing myself (the oul congenital liver trouble - remember?) So, what the hell, an E-Jamisons chaser and Larry is up on his feet, eyes closed, pipes caught by Genie before they land at his feet.

Oh Danial do not cross the moor, Oh Danial I bid ye stay
I pray ye not stray from my side, til round us breaks the day
For the sun has shed, her last long bloom, and the sea does loudly roar
Tonight he will surely meet his doom, who crosses yon, Grannemoor.

Oh father pray don't reprimand, for 'tis careless I have been,
all though its true, just as ye-ve said, that last night these sights were seen
the sun is gone, the night is long the sea does loudly roar,
but I must go and seek my lamb on the mighty grannemoor.

He took his lantern in his hand, and Dewey he left behind.
He crossed that barren stretch of land, his frighted lamb to find,
but as he struggled with the heath, the torrents down did fall,
and our young Daniel sank beneath the bog of Grannemoor.

His father when he heard the news, he bitterly did cry,
He says I've lost all mine to lose, and I'd rather now to die,
they took him in to comfort him, but he ner saw springtime more,
and they laid him down, in that cold ground, of the breast of grannemoor

And now the dewey people say, they still can hear the cries,
of their young comrade once so brave, who now in his cold bed lies
and when the kneel at night to pray, they say one ave more,
(Spoken with emphasis...)For the boy whose bones are bleaching white, neath the bog of Grannemoor.

Happy St. Pats all,