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16-Mar-00 - 08:55 PM
Thread Name: St Pat's Day in the Mudcat Tavern
Subject: RE: St Pat's Day in the Mudcat Tavern
Praise comes in confidently and stands the boys a round. Is that a gigbag she's got? No? But WHY is she carrying a bedroll slung over one shoulder? She wanders over to Sorcha, best bud Sorcha...

"Sorch," she says, "I still can't sleep. I give up. I'm here for the cure, and the consequences."

"It's about time, love," says wise and merry Sorcha. "What's your plan?"

"It's very simple. Would you be so kind as to drink me under the table, and then, just as I start to slide down to the floor, flip out the bedroll for me to land on... I'll sleep the night away dreaming dreams of Ireland, and all my friends around~~~ a bit of an Irish wake for the awake, while yet she lives, eh? And none the wiser! Is that not a fine plan?"