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Posted By: Spider Tom
16-Mar-00 - 04:51 AM
Thread Name: An Oi-rish-Oistralian St. Patrick's Day .
Subject: An Oi-rish-Oistralian St. Patricks Day .
Oi 'tink, 'dat on St. Patricks Day,
Oi'l talk a little Oi-rish.
Oi got some Oi-rish, in me, don't ya' know?
Oi'l wear shamrock, on moi' collar,
And swig an Oi-rish- Cream,
Oi'l munch on some, potata'-bread,
Oi'l say," well'dere ya' go."
Wear da' harp, upon moi' shoulder,
And ,moi Oi-rish Shell'el'agh,
Wit' moi Oi-rish eyes a'smilin',
Playin', airs an' jigs in "D".
Oi've brushed up on moi' 'oxcent,
Learned, from an Oi-rish scollar,
Who spoke, da' spoken Oi-rish,
From, da' "blarney", too, "begorrah"
Ya' can take it, as ya'like it,
And on St. Patricks Day,
From a dinkum, Oi-rish Aussie,
Have a real, "g'day".

Happy St. Patrics Day to all
From Ken (part Oi-rish) Robertson 16+17/3/2000.