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30-Jan-07 - 08:58 AM
Thread Name: BS: Hillary is in the race for President
Subject: RE: BS: Hillary is in the race for President
I (Don) haven't posted much since being hit by lightning, but here I go at last. I believe the other Don is Firth, which sounds like First with a lisp.

If you think you have seen every dirty political trick in the book, Hillary will inspire the last right wing cons to come up with some new ones.
New insults of cheap partisanship from frightened and arrogant Repubs are sesigned to piss people off and further divide and conquer.

Hillary will not even be allowed to sing the National Anthem without intense critisism.

She is called dishonest for listening to public opinion rather than being a "true leader" and do whatever the defense contractors say.

A subliminal example of dirty tricks ocurred in Iowa this week when Senator Clinton appeared before a microphone with huge call letters of the station KUNI. The Roman font extentuated the cross bars on the I so it clearly read KUNT.

It used to be enough to keep populous candidates from running for president by requiring a stack of hundreds dollar bills 20 feet tall - just to campaign.

The usual rumor chants about Hillary include lesbianism and abortions. Now the current unsubstantiated Fox rumor says she hired a dectective to look into Obama's early training in a terrorist Muslim madrasa at the age of 6.

The issues of war and peace, life and death, and the predation of the Earth's enviorment will be overshadowed by issues such as Hillary's menopause that will put the world in danger.

Watch carefully as all the Repuvb sacks of pundits begin to say they were always against the war. I even heard Tucker Carlson say this yesterday while he went on to say that it is a complete TRADGEDY that Jeb Bush's chance for nomination have been dashed.
Well friends, Tradgedy is a pretty strong word but it reminds me of Mel Brooks saying "Tradgedy is when I get a paper cut, Comedy is when YOU fall in an open sewer and drown.

I wish all the comedy on all the sowardly TV War mongers.