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Posted By: Cruiser
28-Jan-07 - 03:03 PM
Thread Name: BS: Hillary is in the race for President
Subject: RE: BS: Hillary is in the race for President
What kind of man would sit by his wife in a nationally televised interview while encouragingly letting her support his lie? That kind of man would be one who does not have the good character and integrity to remain as president or return to the White House on his wife's coattails.

What kind of woman would still defend her husband after she was made a fool of after she learned that she defended a liar? That would be one who should not be president, not for just this one reason alone, but also for other reasons that have been discussed in this thread and others.

Ms. Clinton seriously, and in her own words, thought all of this was just another part of the "vast right-winged conspiracy" against them. I too, as others have stated previously, disdain conspiracy theorists, especially one seeking the highest political office in the U.S. She exhibited a fatal character flaw by her statements.

The last 2 presidents have been polarizing and divisive. We do not need a third one. There are many Republicans, such as I, that will gladly vote for a thinking Democrat, but who will also do everything ethical to prevent Ms. and Mr. Clinton from ever *ruining* the country from the White House. An exceptional person is needed in the presidency to rebuild the ruin Mr. Bush and Mr. Clinton have done, each in their own destructive way.

I look forward to the day the USA has many women in places of political power, including the White House. However, Ms. Clinton can only further divide the country with all the political baggage she brings along with her. Many who think excellent character traits, honesty, honor, and trust still matter, regardless of political affiliations, will forever loathe Mr. Clinton.

Will some female please explain what an enabler is for those who do not see my reference to Hillary as being an enabler for Mr. Clinton's actions?