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Posted By: Captain Ginger
26-Jan-07 - 02:40 PM
Thread Name: What does the word 'God' mean to you?,II
Subject: RE: What does the word 'God' mean to you?,II
Captain Ginger...your answer to my question about my apple would have to be cannot taste the apple I am eating.
By the same token, I am a Christian who has had certain experiences as a result of my faith and belief and answers to prayer. You may profess a certain knowledge of 'religions' but you have not tasted my have not understood or experienced what I have.
You suggest that religion is a serious threat...could you please elaborate on do you see Christianity in particular as a threat? What do you understand of what it takes to be or become a Christian?. If you wanted to become would you go about it?
When you become one, how would you be expected to behave?

I can't taste the apple, no. Neither can I hear the voices in your head. I cannot relate to your faith at all, I'm afraid. Full stop. But one does not have to relate to something to have an opinion on it. I'm sure you have strong views on racism, homophobia and anti-semitism, and yet no-one is asking you to experience the point of view of a homophobe, racist or anti-semite.

And yes, I think religion is a serious threat to peace. Across the globe, lines are constantly being drawn up on religious grounds. We seem to be marching deliberately away from reason and the values of the enlightenment, and backwards to a society where it is enough to say 'I believe' and no-one asks for objective proof or scientific demonstration. Where judgements are made on the basis of one's faith. If you think religion is no threat to stability, look at the threads here on Northern Ireland.
For sure there are a lot of people who do good in the name of religion, but I happen to think that religion as an entity is a bad thing, As a species it's something we should have outgrown. It really is time to put away such childish things...