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Posted By: Bill D
25-Jan-07 - 07:21 PM
Thread Name: What does the word 'God' mean to you?,II
Subject: RE: What does the word 'God' mean to you?,II
"People who interepreted Paul's sayings .."

interpreted??? Did Paul say those things or not? Is the bible the literal word of God or not? If God only inspired the bible, why did he not correct and clarify IN the heads of those whose writings make up the bible? If fallible messengers MIS-interpret, why are they not corrected so as not to HAVE a holy book that is inconsistent and contradictory?

Some modern Christians, including those who are posting in this thread DO 'interpret' liberally and try to be just, fair& sensible about those awkward passages....but why are they right? Why are not those who take the strict, hard-line view of a vengeful, punishing God correct? THEY think they are correct!

Why would an infinitely powerful and all-knowing god allow a system in which his followers CAN pick & choose interpretations and stake out a position by simply prefacing it with "I believe that..."???

There is much Gerrymandering and subjective 'qualification' going on....much as there is in politics....but judging by the claims I hear, the stakes are much higher in religion. It is often suggested to me that I'd be better off 'believing', to enhance my chances of a pleasant eternity....but WHICH belief? I see between 12 and 738 to choose from. A "Tower of Babel" to rival anything in the bible.

As always, I realize that my explication of a skeptical position is not likely to change any committed religious beliefs. I am not on a mission to UNsave any souls....I merely hope that folks who remain committed to a religious path, particularly the Christian one we 'mostly' see in this forum, will see why some of us wrinkle our brows in frustration at some of the explanations we hear.

It would be nice if we didn't even need to debate it, and barely realize what other members religious affiliations, if any, are...but now & then someone tosses a claim into the mix, and off we go.