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Posted By: Slag
24-Jan-07 - 04:18 PM
Thread Name: What does the word 'God' mean to you?,II
Subject: RE: What does the word 'God' mean to you?,II
I take absolutely no offense and I understand that strong emotion gets included when discussing core values and reality constructs. I welcome all opinion because no one has a complete picture of anything! What a great opprotunity to learn how others think and respond to an idea!

Nor is it my mission to convert anyone. Period. That's something I cannot do! That's God's business and His perogative. I couldn't even change my own attitudes and thinking on the subject. I had to have my nose shoved in it and even then I resisted. Metaphorically, it was only when I heard a door being closed that I realized it might never be opened again that I decided to go through. It changed my life and and gave me new eyes, so to speak. But that's just me. How God may deal with you is not in my knowledge.

All language is metaphor and ultimately the experience of God is ineffable! Makes you wonder why so many people talk so much and use so many metaphors to try to contain it.

Given the name of the thread and trying to stay on topic is difficult with such a broad query. It calls for personal opinion and that is what I have given. I have not sought to denigrate anyone's opinion. I have only hoped to raise awareness and provide some of my personal insights to aspects of the subject. Wouldn't you agree that any decision should be an informed decision? I have studied the great religions of the world and many of the minor one and a few small, esoteric ones. Compared and contrasted. Man's religious nature or anti-religious nature IS a fascinating subject to me. If someone wants to deride me for finding something outside of myself that is real to me, that prioritizes and makes sense (to me) of my world, so be it. I don't decry a blind man for not seeing nor do I criticize a lame man for not running. Christ said that He did not come to call the whole but the lame, the blind and the weak. I was (and still am in many ways) one of those. Not perfect, just forgiven and secure (at peace, that is) with God.