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Posted By: Bill D
24-Jan-07 - 04:11 PM
Thread Name: What does the word 'God' mean to you?,II
Subject: RE: What does the word 'God' mean to you?,II
Well, there is evidence that there IS a "mitochondrial Eve" from whom we all descended, but this is 'almost' irrelevant to the religious claims....

It is a rather narrow fence I sit upon. While I tend to agree with the basic point Captain Ginger and Amos & The Villan are making...(that really careful reasoning and even common sense would lead an honest man to doubt the myriad tales of religion), I still cannot just grab believers by the collar and shake them, saying.."That's silly...Change your mind!"
It just don't work that way!
There are serious historical and emotional reasons why people cling to religious beliefs.....and I'm not sure I'd care to live in a world where WE suddenly convinced THEM all at once that they were mistaken!....I think it would be chaos beyond belief.

   Personally, I just plod along, explaining some of my thoughts, presenting alternatives, noting the logical and semantic traps folks get into...and hoping that gradually the majority will adopt at least a skeptical "let's think more" attitude....perhaps without totally rejecting all the deeply held beliefs that have guided their lives.
   In the meantime, I would note that we HAVE come a long way from the days when being an admitted non-believer could get you rejection and/or execution. Now we need to eliminate laws that still allow religious doctrine to be foisted on us de facto OR de jure...

We need a policy AND a set of laws AND a public attitude that says "If there are only 14 atheists in the country, they are allowed to go about their business peacefully, without pressure....and the same if there were only 14 Christians...or Muslims...etc."

We cannot force anyone to **SEE** ...but we can set good examples and hope. Force & ridicule never truly converted anyone to a new viwepoint.