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Posted By: Captain Ginger
24-Jan-07 - 03:39 AM
Thread Name: What does the word 'God' mean to you?,II
Subject: RE: What does the word 'God' mean to you?,II
Sorry, but no. As I see it, god has promised nothing. A collection of storybooks that have been passed down the centuries makes mention of the myths of a near-eastern people, and these are echoed in some interpretations of what may by 1st century rabbinical teachings. The are interesting folk tales concernng a grumpy killer in the OT and a numinous 'father' in the NT, but that's it for me.

And as for names - every culture that has invented the concept of the divine has given its god or gods names. The fact that people here use the Christian convention is largely the happenstance of history. Had it not been for the Roman Empire, we might have very different beliefs. Put it down, alongside aqueducts and being safe to walk the streets at night, as one of the things the Romans did for us.