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Posted By: Barry Finn
21-Jan-07 - 08:27 PM
Thread Name: BS: Hillary is in the race for President
Subject: RE: BS: Hillary is in the race for President
Hillary, I believe, not only handled Bill's Monica affair as best she could do for both herself & her daughter but I believe she handled to the best way she could for the good on the nation & put herself second after the nation. IMHO she's a very strong woman & probly if Bill wasn't a public figure she would've toss him out on the street with both eyes blackened. That would've done us all a disservice, just look at what was done to Bill for not keeping his pants zipped up. And if someone's got a problem with Hillary over that, that got to be the least offensive peice of action done by any politcian that I can think of. That aren't many around that are in this game that are willing to overlook any slight of character but there are plenty that will use this trash to bash a character.

Mary, her health plan may not have been a great one but it was way beyond what we are now subjected to & so far Kennedy's the only one that came up with a decent one & it's been quite a while since we've been there, though we are in desprate need of a revisit.

The South's in dire need of a revamp & for their own good. This country's tail really isn't in their hands, though many would think so, they need a good economy, good jobs, decent housing, good health care, a clean enviorment, a decent educational system & their young ones home from fighting on foreign soil as much as the rest of the nation. Anyone offering all that will get elected no matter where their from or the color of their skin or what's between their legs or who they do or do not worship, in bed or out of bed.

The nation has to also play their part & listen to the issues & not the petty bickerings that goes on between parties & candidates & ther hired guns & mudslingers.

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