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Posted By: Bill D
21-Jan-07 - 12:58 PM
Thread Name: BS: Hillary is in the race for President
Subject: RE: BS: Hillary is in the race for President
Well, to give you an idea of what the next two years will be like...Hilary had barely finished her announcement before the talking heads were analyzing her 'tone', her dress, her 'image' and her history as a young lawyer at Watergate.
...and above we read (from someone who CAN'T vote here).."I could not imagine myself voting for Hillary,a woman with zero self respect ,who put up with Blowjob Billy and his antics for years"
   I have read similar statements like this before, and I shake my head...YOU don't know "what she put up with" and what her personal quotient of "self-respect" is! A statement like that says more about YOUR own particular moral stand than whether Hilary is a sane, competent, intelligent person with the right attitude to lead a country. A LOT of people think she is, but there are others who are also, and I want to see the debate center on policy and platform, not on her attitude toward her husband, who did a stupid personal thing amidst a lot of intelligent, thoughtful public things.

Like Kendall, I'd like to see Joe Biden get serious consideration...the man KNOWS foreign policy....but he just doesn't 'look' right on camera to many and as soon as he gets any attention, someone will bring up his poor footnoting of the use of a quotation in one of his speeches. Although he DID give proper credit at other points, the quote will be Gerrymandered to look like he simply plagarized. I am TIRED of that sort of thing taking up the airtime in campaigns.

Hilary faces a LONG uphill struggle against those who would not vote for ANY woman, as well as anyone associated with Bill...I would not bet on her being able to overcome enough close-minded prejudice to win even the nomination.