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20-Jan-07 - 02:08 PM
Thread Name: BS: Hillary is in the race for President
Subject: RE: BS: Hilary is in the race for President
Bush was unelectable. The butt of all late-night comedians' jokes. Gore was riding a crest of popularity. Double-digit lead that fell to simple 51% of the vote, and Bush was installed in a coup d' etat. It's gonna happen again with Hillary. Like it or not, we now have a royal family in America. The Bushes have achieved that distinction by being utterly ruthless in solidifying their place as America's number one drug family. All cartels lead to them. So they have the backing of the bankers. Money is money, whether it's generated by drugs or churchwork. And the Bushes' #1 crime lieutenant was Bill Clinton. He protected the CIA's drug drop point at the airstrip in Mena, Arkansa for years. For that service, he was hand-picked by Bush #1 to serve as the seat warmer until the next Bush was ready for office. Now we'll have Hillary's fat ass warming the seat. America's going to be presented with a simple Democratic choice a woman or a black man. lol. Hillary will be the long shot (hey, now there's an idea), but she'll "defy all trends" on election night and if need be, a court will install her in another fake rasslin' match where everyone gets good and heated up about "their candidate." And then once Hillary is in, Oprah is going to be our Secretary of State (this part is conjecture). But they're grooming Oprah for something...she's way too visible doing "good works" lately, and they're troweling on the makeup by the bucketload, so Hillary will say the Sec of State job is now a job for "a woman of color" because Condi Rice crapped on it, and Oprah will be appointed (but I don't know whether she'll be orange or purple at the hearings...kind of like Michael Jackson in the coloring dept). Hillary. Then what? The NEXT generation of Bushes and Clintons? Oh man...Chelsea. Heaven help us.

Odd fact. The 4 BATF agents who died in the siege at Waco, TX, were all ex bodyguards of Bill Clinton. They were the only 4 agents to die, and all of them were killed with bullets behind the left ear (execution style). They would have known about Clinton's dealings at Mena.

"16) Steve Willis, Robert Williams, Todd McKeahan and Conway LeBleu were the only four BAFT men killed at Waco.In an autopsy performed by a "private Doctor" all four were found to have near identical "execution style" head wounds. All four had previously been bodyguards for Clinton prior to their deaths in April 1993...."

3) Kevin Ives and Don Henry: two 16 year old boys who may have stumbled across drug running operations involving Clinton at Mena airfield in Arkansas in 1987.Initial reports, by State Medical Examiner Fahmy Malak, suggested that the boys had fallen asleep on the railway line and been crushed. However when the parents kicked up a fuss another forensic report showed Kevin's skull had been crushed prior to being placed on the track whilst Don had been stabbed in the back.

11) Danny Casalaro, a journalist investigating Mena airstrip, the Arkansas coke trade and INSLAW. Had warned his family that he had learnt too much and not to believe it was suicide if he turned up dead. Shortly thereafter he was found in a bathtub in the Sheraton Hotel in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Both his wrists had been slashed, one ten times, all his research material was missing and has never been recovered

And I always thought the Windsor family were bad.