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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
12-Mar-00 - 08:36 PM
Thread Name: BS: Your own funeral
Subject: RE: BS: Your own funeral
Saying goodbye to peole is a complicated process, musically, as in other ways.

As I see it there should be:

A wake - which is the night before the funeral, in the home of the fella that's died, preferably with her or him present in the box, but that's not essential. And that's when friends and family sit and reminisce and have a few drinks and sing songs that fit, songs that the deceased might have liked or that bring back memories of shared times.

Then there's the funeral itself, at the church (or some equivalent public place), which should be three days after the death. And that's where the hymns and the requiems and so forth belong.

Then there's round the grave, where a suitable song should be sung - maybe a hymn, maybe something else entirely.

Then there's the celebration afterwards, a bit like a wedding reception, but friendlier. That's where the funny songs fit in, and the dance music.

And after that maybe, when things have settled down, some kind of memorial thing, and that's where the Symphonies and that might fit in.

I said it was a complicated process. Not that many people get it right. Finnigan only got to the first stage, and it was too much for him.