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Posted By: TRUBRIT
17-Jan-07 - 09:50 PM
Thread Name: BS: No Telly?
Subject: RE: BS: No Telly?
We have two tvs, both comparatively small. According to my son we are the only family in the entire world that owns only two television I can prove to him he is wrong!! First 8 years of our marriage we had no tv - then someone (feeling sorry for us) gave us one. Eldest child was 4 when the tv was brought into the home and was extremely restricted in viewing -- Friday night viewing of Danger Mouse was about it. Along came child # 2 and we were still fairly restrictive in the time child # 3 came along we were too busy and too tired to really monitor his viewing once he got past the toddler stage. Result - oldest child (introduced to limited TV at 4) adores it....child # 2 born into a house with a TV could care less and never watches it and child # 3 watches waaaaaaaaaay more than he should. Not sure what this proves....our vow is when the youngest leaves home (any time now ) all the cable services stop and we will revert to using the tv for the purpose for which is was intended, ie:

- watching BBC America
- watching movies
- watching PBS