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Posted By: terrier
17-Jan-07 - 05:53 PM
Thread Name: BS: No Telly?
Subject: RE: BS: No Telly?
When colour TV first came onto the market, I was working as a TV repair man whilst doing electronics at college. The gubbins inside the sets reputedly gave off some serious radiation so we had to wear tabs on our lapels to record any dangerous levels. The tabs were then sent away to be developed and we were relieved when the results came back no radiation detected. We had imagined a whole one off race of sterile telly techs! The early sets were very unstable and difficult to adjust, no sooner had we adjusted the colour convergence, it would drift off again so that the images on the screen would look like rainbows. The early colour test programs were interesting, but when youv'e seen a programme for the hundredth time......... I think if I tried I could still remember the 'Aswam Dam Project' word for word even after nearly 40 years. Maybe thats why I can't be bothered having a TV now.

Herself has just corrected me about the weird 4%. In fact she says that the official number is only 2%. After reading this thread through, I reckon that Mudcatters who regularly watch the Box must be as rare as ducks teeth. ;~)