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Posted By: Schantieman
15-Jan-07 - 12:37 PM
Thread Name: What ever happened to the Spinners ?
Subject: RE: Origins: What ever happened to the Spinners ?
Hughie is indeed still active on the folk scene in Liverpool. He's the leading resident at the Everyman FC in the bar of that theatre in Hope Street (Tuesday nights, 8ish) that Sally mentioned above. He is also still writing and performing new songs and doing clubs and festivals.

(Christine, Hughie's wife, was a founder member of the Bothy FC in Southport in 1965 and, with Stan Ambrose and the late lamented Tony Wilson/Molyneux and Stan Boardman, formed "The Bothy Folk", the original resident band. Hughie and Chris still turn up occasionally).

Tony Davis was indeed at Stan's 100th, in which Hughie also played a part. Sad to see him in a wheelchair, but he was still singing well.

Hard to overestimate the importance of The Spinners in the folk revival. I wasn't really aware of it at the time, being nobbut a lad, but they were the secondary source for a lot of singers' repertoires, including mine later on, in the 70s and, no doubt, earlier. This as well as publicising it all on TV and radio.   We all owe them an enormous debt: without them many of us wouldn't have come into folk and many of the songs would have been ...well, if not lost then certainly not widely known and sung. Thanks, guys.