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Posted By: catspaw49
15-Jan-07 - 06:40 AM
Thread Name: Static Caravan, Anyone live in one?
Subject: RE: Static Caravan, Anyone live in one?
John mentioned the high number of trailer parks hit by tornados in the American midwest and I second that one. What isn't widely discussed though well understood is that tornados by their very nature are going to be "attracted" to trailer parks. The classic and deadly spinning of the tornado creates more than the wind which we are all familiar with. Adding conditions of moisture and high soil content, the twister's spin sets up a magnetic field. The higher the moisture and soil content, the stronger the field produced. This "charged" type of tornado when strong enough, at least to F2 strength, will literally hone in on the higher metal content places such as warehouse roofing and of course, trailer parks.

All of the above is just complete and total bullshit but I had one guy so convinced that he wouldn't believe me when I told him it was a joke. He had been renting in a trailer park but went out and found an apartment within a couple of days.