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Posted By: Bat Goddess
14-Jan-07 - 08:33 PM
Thread Name: BS: No Telly?
Subject: RE: BS: No Telly?
We have a television -- for watching tapes and DVDs.

We even have cable -- but only so our internet connection is cheaper.

Haven't actually watched television since 1983 (except for a couple times visiting my mother in Milwaukee and watching the Food Channel).

Back in 1983 there was no cable in Nottingham, NH. We could only get 3 stations. I was following "Brideshead Revisited" on PBS and somewhere in the middle, despite it the episode being shown several times over the course of a week, I just couldn't schedule watching it.

I threw up my arms in disgust, cried "F*#k it" and stopped trying.

Didn't get to finish "Brideshead" until a few years ago when my sister sent me the tapes.

Don't miss it. If there's something I need to see I can either rent it (Sopranos, Six Feet Under) or someone will tape it for me. Fits the schedule better. I'm too busy reading or checking things online (like Mudcat).

People do think it strange, though. Had someone a few weeks ago who wanted Tom to take a survey about television shows. Tom said, "We don't watch TV." The guy said, " Well, I've just got a few questions about the shows you watch" and just refused to acknowledge that we don't watch television. Couldn't believe that someone doesn't watch television. Tom hung up on him finally.