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Posted By: Sandra in Sydney
13-Jan-07 - 10:00 PM
Thread Name: BS: No Telly?
Subject: RE: BS: No Telly?
I have necer owned had a TV, tho I did have custody of my brother's TV when he went overseas in 1978.

The TV was bright orange (how 70's!) & for a while I watched Dr Who, the News, news commentry, and Fawltry Towers or some other British Comedy. This didn't last long cos I went out on Thursday nights & the final episode of Dr Who was usually on that night, so I stopped watching Dr Who (wahhhh!! my favourite show) & then the TV died. Another reason to give up TV was I couldn't cook till after 8.30/9pm.

I didn't grow up with TV as Dad wouldn't have a TV until we moved in 1966. I was 14 & now had a room of my own, & was studying & going thru teenage stuff that meant I often hid in my room, so did not watch much TV.

This worked well on some occcasions when I wanted to watch a show my siblings did nwt want to watch: "Sandra rarely watches TV so we'll watch this shoW" sez Mum.

Between 66 & 76 when I moved out I did see occasional episodes of all the 50's & 60's classics like (US) Hogan's Heroes, Star Trek, Disneyland, Davy Crockett etc, (OZ) Homicide, No. 96, etc so I could keep my head up in conversations!

Back in 1992 when I visited my toddler nephew we watched all the kids classics like Sesame Street & Playschool, & the next show I watched (apart from passing TVs in shops or other public places) was a half hour show last November when I stayed a week with a friend.

I really must get around to watching 3 music DVDs Bob Bolton lent me.


(I don't even have a TV in my Doll's House!)