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Posted By: Bill D
11-Mar-00 - 06:17 PM
Thread Name: Guilty Pleasures
Subject: RE: Guilty Pleasures
"According to "Blue Grass" nazis an autoharp can't play bluegrass"

and when I am around them folk with my autoharp, I shrug and respect their wishes. They wish to play in certain ways with a limited set of instruments. If I WANT to play bluegrass on my autoharp (and I DO sometimes), I can find places to do it.
I do NOT go to bluegrass sessions and argue that they are just being 'narrow-minded' and limiting themselves. If I were inclined to do that, and found enough supporters to go with me, I suppose I could crowd out those petty, narrow 'Bluegrass Nazis' and play and sing and discuss any durn thing I wanted to and rationalize to myself that 'openness' justified altering the character of the place, and if they didn't like it, they could go 'somewhere else'. ...ah, well..I seem to be unable to even make the point to some that it is NOT whether " Bela Fleck,Eliza Carthy, Cordelia's Dad, Mouth Music, Shooglenifty, Afro Celt Sound System,and even people like Sinead O'Connor, or Shane Macgowan" are doing "neat stuff"....perhaps they fact, I have no doubt that they are. But WHERE would you have those with narrower interests go?....4 years ago, we thought this WAS our refuge!

Shambles suggests that the 'tone' of the original poster be respected, and that's a nice idea...but unless the original poster gets downright belligerent and adds to his post..."now I don't want to see any singer-songwriters posting in here", you WILL see them. You just can't MAKE threads like that.

I am NOT against new music...I don't LIKE all of it, but I even listen to and sing SOME of it. I even admit that in a place like this, we have to allow wider latitude than what I might choose!!!!!!!....does that mean ANYTHING goes?...if so, I'd suggest the "sign on the door" be changed to just read **MUSIC**..those words 'blues and folk' are seeming a bit superfluous

for various reasons, I have been in a bad mood the last 3-4 days and I should not even be trying to post to this thread, but I got carried away and spent a hour on this goes.....